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Friday, June 28, 2013

Elephants, Ducks and Paint!

"Mom, Frank ate the bones!"

What a great commercial.  Now I'm craving chicken!

Please excuse my long hiatus from the keyboard.  I've been lazy.  Hey I'm not going to sugarcoat it and say I've been too busy.  I mean seriously how much time does it really take to sit down and whip out a.....hey, maybe that's what's been taking up my time.
I'm always busy.  If you have been around this blog for awhile then you know I always have something in the works.
The garden is doing great.  The chickens and the duck are a sloppy messhole are doing fine as well.  Louie the duck is almost completely feathered out now.  He/She is a fine feathered specimen.  Kind of a messy fellow and still won't climb the ramp into the hen house by himself.  I have to go out every night around 9 pm and scoot his little but up the ramp.  He throws a fit every time.  Like I'm gonna eat him or something.  Last night he pooped in my hand.  Doesn't he know the old saying, " Never poop in the hand that feeds you?"
I can't begin to express how lucky I am to have made the choice to put wheels on the coop.  That little duck poops like an elephant.  If I don't move that thing everyday it would be.....well you get the picture.
I still don't know the sex of any of the three.  I'll have to wait for the chickens to mature and either start developing spurs and rooster crowing or laying eggs to find out which is who and what is which!
As far as the duck I'm not sure.  If it lays eggs then obviously its a female.  Other than that I don't know.  It's not like they have a penis sticking out the front of them.  They might poo like an elephant but they don't hang like one!  Enough of this fowl conversation.

My next big project has to deal with paint again.  Summer is here and that means I work exclusively outside.  So I will be painting the exterior of the house.  I'm starting with the back side first (that's what she said) only because I don't have the money to paint the entire thing at once (nor the energy).  The back of the house needs it the most as it has been subjected to westerly winds and tortuous sunshine.  It is very faded out.
I spent everyday this week, after working ten hours at my boring job, power washing and hand scrubbing the aluminum siding.  If you have ever run your hand down older aluminum siding you will notice your fingers will have a chalky substance on them.  This is actually the deteriorated paint from all the years of getting its ass kicked by mother nature.  This needs to come off before the new goes on.  It takes some effort but can be done.  I have the entire back of the house cleaned now.

We have chosen a light chocolate/tan color for the siding.  White for the window trim and in the front, where there are shutters, they will be a burgundy sort of color.

I am off work for a temporary shutdown.  I don't return until July 8th.  That should be plenty of time to paint one side of the house, however, it won't stop raining.  Everyday there is a chance of rain or thunderstorms.  So frustrating.  I'll get it done and of course I'll be posting pics.
Stay tuned and have a great weekend!

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  1. I don't envy you your job of painting outside. That was already a lot of work to get it ready. Our houses are both mostly brick, and one has a hip roof so only the soffits and gutters need to be painted. The rental has shallow peaks on three sides, so we were able to paint the whole thing with a minimum amount of effort--comparatively speaking.

    Sorry about all the rain. If you would like to send a spot of it our way we wouldn't mind. :)


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