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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bushman slacks off a bit!

Holy smokes is it HOT!
I haven't seen heat like this since yesterday and Monday and tomorrow!

I'm tired, dehydrated, thirsty, sweaty and I just want to sleep on the cold wooden floor of my lower level.

However, there is still work that needs to be done.  There is always work to be done.
Who knew painting an entire house could take more than 2 weeks.  Can't paint because it's raining, can't paint because it's going to rain, can't paint because it just finished raining.  Oh goodness it hasn't rained but I can't paint because the sun is shining directly on the side of the house that I need to paint, can't paint the other side because I still have to rip out the bushes, can't paint because I still have to climb up 20 ft of extension ladder and power wash the siding standing mere inches from the high voltage power lines that feeds the house while swatting hornets with one hand, running the washer with the other and hanging on with the third.....whaaaat?
Haha, this shit makes me giggle.  Now I can't paint because it's 92 degrees out and about 90% humidity.

Well it is what it is.  I'm not in a huge hurry but I want to finish this project up so I can move on to another one.  Of course my dear wife wants to buy more paint so I can finish painting the inside of the house!  (the finger marks on her neck are almost faded away now)
I want to finish the deck, I want to start canning all the beans in the garden, I want to begin the excavation of the new planting bed on the North side of the house.  I want to.....well you get my ADD.  It never ends.
I did tell her that we will need to sell this house soon because everything will be done and I won't have anything to do.  Need to buy a shittier house next time!  LMFAO!

OK here is a documentary in pictures:

With the bushes (I had ripped one out before the picture)

Without the bushes  (Hey I didn't know there was a window there!)

That was one serious bush.

Almost painted after a precarious perch on a ladder with a pressure washer!

I did get the entire front painted.  My little bro helped me paint the siding and Momma did the first coat on the garage door.



Of course the shed had to match the house.

I sold my chicken tractor after building the permanent coop.

Louie is turning into a fine feathered friend.  (If I can keep him out of Remi's mouth)



That is all I have done the last 2 weeks.  It's not much (and I quote" geez how long are you gonna take to do that").  I think I deserve a break.  I'm headed north with Momma on Friday to hang out with Mom and Pops at the cottage for 2 days.  Then I'll get back to work!

Don't expect much!


  1. Holy crap. I'm exhausted just looking at this post. But it was well worth it. Everything looks marvelous!!! You deserve a nap!!!

    And OMG!!! That duck is ridiculously adorable!!!! I can't even!!!



  2. I need a nap now! Your house looks awesome!! I love how that red color pops!! nice color scheme.

    Super cute duck!

  3. Lovely job. I have a feeling my husband wanted to do that hands around the neck thing to me when I asked him to paint the whole inside and outside of this house. It took him a year! :)

    Did you pull the bushes out with a tractor or something? Those were some significant roots!

    Sorry it's so hot there. We are having our own rather uncomfortable heat wave here. But the garden (such as it is) is happy, and the pepper plants are loaded with blooms and peppers!

    1. Inside painting is a winter thing around here. My remodeled kitchen is on deck, waiting for its new coat.

  4. would you mind emailing me? the blogger comment is a no-reply and I don't know how to reach you. :)

    I can do a card, but will need more details.

  5. Of all the jobs, I think I like painting the best. It's a solitary kind of work where I can get lost in my thoughts as I slather on whichever color Mrs. Penwasser decides is best. However, painting in 92 degrees. That you can have.
    Stay cool, my friend.


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