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Monday, August 19, 2013

So what are you wearing...Jake from State Farm?

And it begins!

But first.....
A picture of the fully painted wood stove!

Picking up the chimney system this weekend.  The person from Craigs List accepted my offer.

Tomatoes are coming in strong in the garden.  Sweet corn is all done for the season along with the cucumbers and bush beans.  So far I have made 1 quart and 8 pints of salsa.  6 pints and 3 quarts of pickles and 2 quarts of pickled banana pepper rings.
This weekend I will be shutting down some of the raised planting beds in the garden.  The cuckes, bush beans and onions.  I will remove the vegetation and then staple some cardboard squares on top of the beds.  This will keep the weeds out and any debris that may accumulate over winter.  Next spring I just take off the cardboard and I'm ready to plant.  I will do that with each bed in the entire garden as the plants stop producing.

Tonight I had a visitor for dinner.  Jake. (from state farm)
Kaitlin's new boyfriend.  Check that, she says it's not her boyfriend they are just seeing each other.
I guess they don't say boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.  I'm not sure about all the rules of "seeing" someone but I saw him tonight as he walked up the steps. I saw him as he left the table and I saw him as he left the house.  Hopefully that doesn't qualify.   If he tries kissing me then there's gonna be trouble.

I started calling him Jake from State Farm as soon as I heard his name.  It just sticks.  Especially because she was kinda secretive about him at first.  It's better than what her Dad calls him......Queerbate!

He seems like a nice enough kid.  I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for a little while.  (queerbate from state farm)
Tomorrow I have to help a friend cut up a big tree in their front yard.  The power company cut it down and there chainsaw isn't up to the task.  That's what friends are for!

For the next couple weeks it will be nothing but canning and woodstove/chimney work around here so don't expect too much from me.  Time to start prepping for winter.  I never thought I would ever wish summer would be over.  I think I'd rather be cold than hot.  Can it just be October and November all year?



  1. I like the idea of covering the boxes to avoid weeds and debris, but don't you compost any of that stuff back into it? And what about all the nitrogen from all that SNOW you get up there? I thought that was supposed to help the soil? I am a novice, so I am just curious. I can't argue with your results, so whatever you are doing is obviously better than my methods!

  2. Unfortunately the vegetation would not decompose by spring if I turned it back into the box. I just add amendments to the soil in the boxes as needed. My plan is that by the time the weather turns cold the garden will be tucked away nice and neat for the winter so come spring all I have to do is plant. There will be almost zero prep work. I have never heard of nitrogen from snow. I will look it up though. Too much nitro in the garden is not a good thing anyways (except for corn)
    I want my plants to set good fruit and have good roots. Phosphorus and Potassium help with that not nitrogen. Nitrogen makes plants grow like crazy. I want mine to go slowwwww!
    I am not an expert and I learn new things every year. I just keep researching and reading.


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