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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The inspector said,"Just leave a Benjamin on the stove".

Hello again!
I've been busy as usual.
Splitting wood and building chimneys!

On labor day I split the huge pile of wood I had been accumulating since spring

Friday I almost finished my chimney
I had to cut and frame a hole in the wall for the chimney to pass through and re-frame it all and re-drywall it.
On the inside I had to put a diamond tipped blade on the circular saw and cut through the brick.  Dust everywhere.  Momma would have shat her britches if she seen what it looked like.  Well, she still will when she cleans that room after I'm done friggin it up!

Then I patched the hole where the fireplace used to be after I framed it in

On the outside I re-framed the chase so I would have an access door.  The open spot will be a sheet of plywood with hinges on it.  I can swing it open, remove the cap on the bottom of the tee and tie a garbage bag around the bottom of the tee.  Climb up on the roof and when I run my brush down the chimney all the gunk will fall right into the garbage bag.  The door will also allow me to do frequent inspections of the chimney system.

Started putting the drywall back up when the guy showed up to purchase the old fireplace.
Momma brought me home the elbow, section of pipe and a damper to connect the stove to the chimney.  I will do that today.

Next is ordering the brick to cover the drywall and building a hearth under the stove.  A friend has some Terra Cotta looking tiles that might go well with the brick.  I'm going to check them out soon.

Now I have to go stack all that wood.  
You wanna help?


  1. great job on the fireplace, should make the home cozy this winter. I will be waiting to see the pic's of the wood pile when you get it all stacked up:) looking forward to seeing you in a couple wks.

  2. I think I could handle the wood better.
    Wait, that didn't come out right.

  3. I get exhausted every time I stop by this blog, seeing all of the cool stuff you're building. And me? I'm just sitting here on my laptop looking at funny cat pictures.

  4. Wow. Great job! Nice idea for cleaning out the chimney. That is a real mess otherwise!

  5. Hey, I love your wood!
    Uh, let me rephrase that...


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