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Saturday, October 5, 2013


My new chickens finally made their way to my house.  They are awesome.  The prettiest birds I've ever had.  Also the friendliest.  You can walk right up to these girls and pick them up.  They follow me all over the yard.  They are very curious.  Yesterday as I was finishing up the coop they were free ranging and when I couldn't find them they were in the garage roaming through all my stuff.  It was comical.

They are still adjusting to life with Hubba the rooster and Louie the duck.  Not sure if Hubba is gonna be around much longer.  Normally roosters protect hens but he is wanting to beat them up.  I have had to intervene a few times now.  Hopefully he settles down.  It's a big change for all of them and I have been trying to keep them separate as much as possible until they get used to each other.

May I present Peeka and Boo.  Peeka is the lighter colored one and Boo is the darker.


Boo.  She is not as camera friendly.  She just wouldn't sit still very long.


Framing in the interior of the coop.

Finished the wood stacks on the patio.

This is how I moved all the wood.

This is where I picked them up.  Two black chickens in a sea of white chickens.  There must have been 60 white Leghorns running around.  They would surround me it was so funny.

Joe in his new treestand.  We need to paint it still.

The rewards from last weekends harvest.  The BBQ sauce turned out pretty good.  The pepper sauce is awesome.  I am not calling it hot sauce because it isn't very hot.  I used red jalapenos from the garden along with a few Bahamian chilies.  While it was simmering I put in a few of last years smoked and dried jalapenos.  It  has great depth to the sauce.  Just a tiny bit of heat but lots of good tomato, chipolte flavor with a hint of vinegar.  The three pints in the right are pepper sauce and the 4 on the left are BBQ.

That's it for now.  

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