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Sunday, November 3, 2013

10 pounds of stuff in a 2 pound box

It's here.  Fall back.  All day long I will be thinking...OK if it's 4 o'clock now then it is really 3 o'clock and I should go to bed at......ugh.  Can't we go spring ahead AND fall ahead?  It really messes up the deer hunting too.  Especially if you want to hunt after work.  Deer Camp week is here as well.  The countdown officially begins today.  6 days from now we will be headed north.  I've spent the better part of last week gathering supplies and packing things up.  Planning menus and grocery shopping.  I'm almost done.

It takes a lot of preparation and planning for a 10 day trip into the bush.  There is no power, no running water (we do have creek water but it's undrinkable unless you boil it) no bathroom facilities, as a matter of fact there is only a patch of bare ground and a circle of rocks for a fire pit.  Hopefully that is still there.  Sometimes people camp there in the summertime and for some reason want to put their tents where we keep our fire pit.  Don't ask me why.  There are some perfect pines that are great for nestling your tent or camper under.

It takes a ton of food to keep us well fed while we are there.  We burn a lot of calories (and replace them with beer) so we need to eat well.  For instance we are taking, 10 bratwurst, 9 porkchops, 3 large beef steaks, 10 lbs of chicken wings, 10 lbs of chicken thighs and breasts, a gallon of chili, a gallon of venison stew, 10 lbs of potatoes, 3 large bags of frozen french fries, 2.5 gallons of vegetable oil, 30 hot dogs, 12 cans of soup, 3 loaves of bread,40 hot dog buns, 3 dozen eggs, 50 assorted breakfast sausages, 12 english muffins, 3 bags of frozen hash browns, 16 biscuits, a quart of sausage gravy, coffee, plates, bowls, napkins, paper towels, pots, pans, silverware, the list goes on and on.

We also have to pack in all of our liquid necessities.  Water, juice, soda and 7 cases of beer1 or 2 cans of beer in case we want to get wild!

Then there is all the gear.  Axes,chainsaw, gas and oil, tarps, tree stands, pop up blinds, cooking tripod, 3 rifles, 2 cross bows, one compound bow, awning and side walls, 3 large tanks of propane, 8 small tanks of propane, 3 suitcases full of clothes, 3 totes full of outerwear, a toolbox, a million other things and last but not least our crapper.

Every year I build a new crapper.  When we are done using it at camp, we clean and remove the seat and burn the rest of it in the firepit.  This seat is headed to camp for its fourth season.  Poor seat!

Just think of all the things you use everyday and then pack almost all of those into a pick-up and a small pop up camper.  Then add three full grown men!
I specialize in this sort of thing.
I will have almost everything packed today.  Then I can spend the rest of the week thinking of all the things I am forgetting.  Pops flies in on Friday at noon.  We will get a few last minute details taken care of and will be on the road by 6am Saturday morning.

Here are a few pics of last season

Hoping to have another great year at deer camp!


  1. As long as you don't forget to bring the beer, you'll...oh, but I bet you have that covered.

  2. Okay, I've built a lot of things in my own DIY glory, but never my own toilet. And you burn it afterwards? That's just way too cool. See what you've done? You got my inner redneck really, really excited for the camping I can no longer take part in since it's so damn cold here now.

  3. I always put way too much thought into the time change. It's just an hour... But I just can't let it go.




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