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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Green Bottle Clarity

Can you imagine a world where Katy Perry sings a song to everyone of your life moments?
I mean think about it.  I haven't blogged in( hang on I'll go look) well, since Nov. 29th.  That is 435 days.
(I told you I wasn't good at at math)
Now here I am and Katy is singing, " I been held down but I got up, now I'm shaking off the dust".
A lot of dust.  I keep telling myself to blog but I get so bored with myself I can imagine how all of you feel.  But I'm back.  At least for tonight.  Thank Heavens for Molson Goldens!  Courage comes in many forms and for me it is usually liquid.
I need to get back to the basics.  Reading, Writing and...no...no...I am not doing rithmatic.  I'll stick to the 2 Rs.
Like last Friday night.  I took too many shots and maxed my credit card.  Unfortunately no Menage a trois.  Hey there's always this Friday night...right?

I'm getting too old for that.  It's a midlife crisis, swinging for the knock out.  I keep ducking but I'm running out of steam.  It's gonna get me.

I'm stuck in a rut.
I need to find my spark, show people what I'm worth.  Like a firework!

I've been dreaming for so long.  Hoping to wake up one of these days.  Write that book.  Make my life.
I wish I knew now what I knew then.  My castle's crumbling, I'm wide awake now!

Yeah that's where I'm at.  Living on the coat tail dreams of others.  Nothing left in the mystery bag, no chance of the magic rabbit.

Why Katy Perry?  She's hot!  I like her music too.  Big tough guy like me listening to girl music...I know.

I need time and sleep.  I can't sleep because there's no time.

Where am I going with this?  Absolutely nowhere but if you wanna hang on for a few it may straighten itself out...but I doubt it.

Just pecking at the key feels good.  Not knowing what will venture forth is even funner.

I need to write a story.  A story about a kid that never catches a break.  One that will have the readers so endeared with this kid that in the end when he dies they cry their eyes out and write hate mail.  Now that is a story.
I've had the chance to read a few.  They were great.  Nobody wants to be the villain though.  Hero or nothing.  I say be the villain.  Pull the heart strings so tight that when you let go they snap back leaving ugly, purple welts.  Marks that never leave.  Stuck... purple....vision....hate......re-read.



  1. "Pull the heart strings so tight that when you let go they snap back leaving ugly, purple welts. Marks that never leave. "

    I like this.

  2. Nothing good comes out of shots anymore for me. And I lose the power of speech.

  3. Katy Perry can see into our souls. I blame witchcraft.



  4. Hi Bushman. I can't find a contact link anywhere on your blog but I wanted to visit with you about possibly using a photo you've posted on here should it turn out that I need it. I found your blog and the photo through a Google search and thought maybe we could work a trade for permission to use. Please email me at your next convenience: josh.ward405@gmail.com. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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