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Friday, December 27, 2013

Mr. Bush!

Well the power finally came back on around 4:30 yesterday.  5 days of stress and gas.....money that is.  I spent part of the day gathering wood.  Nothing much going on.  
Ever since the holiday season started I have been singing the Grinch song in my head.  I love it.  It's so catchy.  
I got to thinking we all should do our own Grinch song.  So I did.
I urge you to try it as well!  Of course I had to trade Bushman for Bush but you get the point! 
I was going to have Mike Rowe or James Earl Jones sing it for you but they're not returning my calls so I guess I'll have to do it.  Mind you I can't sing but seriously the song explains who I am so you'll understand why I chose to sing it anyways!

Click here to hear me sing it if you dare!
Mr. Bush

You're a weird one, Mr. Bush
You really are a whack,
You're dimwitted and befuddled, you act like you smoke crack, 
Mr. Bush,
You're a crazy Mr. Potato head with an eye for smile left rotting in the sack!

You're a goofy one, Mr. Bush,
Your heart is on parole,
Your brain is full of nonsense, you have laughter in your soul, Mr. Bush,
No one understands you so crawl back in your hole!

You're a smart ass, Mr. Bush,
You have a smirk in your smile,
You have all the comic genius of a stomach full of bile, Mr. Bush,
Given a choice between the two of I'd take the stomach full of bile!

You're unpredictable, Mr. Bush,
You're the king of public farts,
Your conscience is a chalkboard with many erasable parts, Mr. Bush,
You're a uncontrollable, emotional freakazoid with a personality that people just can't comprehend!

You overwhelm me, Mr. Bush,
Without a doubt you are a hoot.
You're a smelly, dirty gardener but you grow the best fruit, Mr. Bush,
Your outdoor capacities leave me fluctuated with discernment yet befoul me with contempt!

You're a headshaker, Mr. Bush,
You're a dizzy, wizzy schmuck
Your heart is full of cheer, your soul is in the clear , Mr. Bush,
The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote,
"Give me beer!"


  1. She stands, at the edge of the mountain top… and applauds, Mr. Bush!

    That was uber brilliant - and you "singing" it was the icing on the cake.. oh yes, I clicked on the link, none of this "reading" stuff for me!

    So ends another year… Happy 2014 to you and your family.
    Cheers, Jenny

    1. Oh… I forgot to tell you I like the window dressings… great background and love the size and colour of the font - easy to read! Where are those mountains??

  2. This was an awesome idea and really well done. And the singing was actually pretty good too. It's hard to sing that low. And cheers to your motto - forget holiday cheer, I just want my holiday beer.


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