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Friday, April 11, 2014

I don't Have Time to Have Time!

What a pleasant morning it has been.  Coffee, a book, a little internet browsing and peace and quiet.
Then I decided I had better make a list of things that need to be done around here so I can get the ball rolling.  Our last minute rush of winter chores has been stalemated for a bit now.  I confess I lose interest in things real fast.  My wife says it's ADD.  I call it slow multi-tasking.  If I have many projects to choose from then once I grow bored with one I simply move to another.  So on and so forth and eventually I return to the original project.  However this time I may have overdone it a bit.  Now that the weather is in the air I have to add the outdoor projects to the indoor projects list  Spring is in the air and before long the grass will be growing.  After making the list I was already tired.  Damn how did so many things pile up on me?

On a brighter note we added some new furnishings to the house.  A new living room ensemble and finally after many years of agitated and painful sleep... a new bed.  I haven't slept so good in a long, long time.  We picked up a memory foam mattress and it is wonderful.  The living room is half furnished right now while we wait for the remaining pieces to get shipped in.  Gone is the microfiber sectional couch that was worn and lumpy.  Now we are equipped with a new leather sofa, love seat, tables and lamps.  Well almost.  Still waiting on the loveseat and lamps.  In the mean time I have moved most of the old furniture into the garage until I finish the downstairs where it can be re-purposed.  Then I'll have to find a place for the futon that is sitting in the den.  Couldn't pass up the deal we were offered.  We had looked last year but it didn't fit in the budget but after our tax return and some of momma's hard work at her second job and some intense budgeting we pulled the trigger.

The downstairs bathroom remodel still needs a few things.  I have one set of shelves installed over the commode.  I found some budget shelves for under $2 each at the big box store.  They didn't have finished edges so we picked up some decorative moulding and I will use my brad nailer to attach it to the face of the shelves and paint it white.  A few more corner shelves and it will be done!

So you want to see the list do you?

Finish moving table and hutch downstairs
Caulk and paint trim in stairwell
Paint upstairs bathroom
Caulk and paint trim in downstairs den and hall
Paint trim in downstairs bath
Finish shelves in downstairs bath
Touch up grout under door in downstairs bath
Seal grout in downstairs bath
Finish brick behind wood stove in den

Re-pot tomato seedlings
Mulch and de-winterize chicken coop yard
Finish cleaning yard (front and sides)
split and stack remaining wood
Split and stack new wood pile in front yard
Repair garden fence
Cut down dead trees on back property line
Clean up ice storm debris on south side
Burn all the brush collected from ice storm
De-winterize lawn tractor/change oil
Roll lawn
Repair gutters on back of garage (ice storm/terrible winter)
Install all the mini hoop houses in garden
Catch that damn mole that is terrorizing my yard
Change oil in truck
Fix or sell daughters old car
Prep snowmobile for summer storage

There is probably more that I am forgetting but that should keep me busy for a few days.
I'd much rather sit here and sip coffee and work on my book but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

I almost forgot (see I told you)  that wood pile in the front yard?  Yeah that is where I got stuck last Friday.  I had left in the morning to go pick up a load of free firewood from a lady that had a giant sugar maple cut down and was giving away the wood.  When I showed up it started raining and it didn't quit so I loaded in the rain and on the way home I had a blowout on the trailer so I had to change the tire, in the rain, and when I got home I tried to drive up to the wood pile and only made it about 25 feet off the driveway before the truck and trailer sank into the lawn.  I had to unload all of the wood in the front yard to lighten the load.  Then when I unhooked the trailer and turned it to pull it out of the way of the truck the trailer tire sank into the yard and I couldn't budge it.  I had to get the floor jack out, jack up the trailer and put boards under the tires and then pull it out of the way.  Then I had to do the same with the truck.  The wheels were buried about half way.  Once everything was unstuck I spent some time filling in the ruts and tamping the lawn back down.  All this in the pouring rain.  So that is why there is a pile of wood in the front yard that needs to be taken care of and you can also add lawn repair to the list!

I had better get busy!


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  1. I don't know whether to bow, because you are a god, or whether to send a sympathy card to your body - YIKES that list was enough to make me pour myself a second coffee and snuggle up to a good book.
    I'm reading THE 100-YEAR-OLD MAN WHO CLIMBED OUT THE WINDOW and Disappeared, by Jonas Jonasson. I've just started it - but it's a page turner and it makes me laugh. In light of that daunting list of yours I think it'll balance the day out nicely for me!
    I have a chore list too - and it will stay a list for a while longer - not in the "tackle it" mode yet - still in the relax and "think happy thoughts" mode - which is going well I might add.
    Okay… off I go to read your next post...


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