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Friday, May 23, 2014

Fast Freddie Frequents Florida!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all!

I am happily embedded in my couch with a cup of coffee.  My body is having a hard time waking up lately.  Seems to take longer than usual and today I even slept in until 6:30.  The joys of aging I suppose.

I have a long weekend of yard work planned.  Sounds fun huh?  No one will be around all weekend as Momma volunteered to work Sat and Sun so it's just me and the dogs..again!  If I could just teach them how to use a shovel and a wheelbarrow!

We had a quick trip to Florida last weekend for my cousin Paul's wedding and his sister's (my other cousin) Graduation Open House.  A lot of travel but it was worth it to be able to see so many family members that I haven't seen in years.  It has been 4 years since we last visited the sunshine state.  I miss my family dearly.

We left Michigan around 5:30 Friday evening and arrived in Tampa around 8.  Dad and Mom picked us up at the curb and we headed directly to Orlando to check into our hotel.  Arriving around 9:30 ish we snagged a few beers from the poolside tiki lounge, had some pizza and by midnight...sleeping.

The next morning it was continental breakfast at the hotel, dressed and headed to the wedding about 40 minutes away.  After the wedding it was about 40 minutes back to the reception and after that it was back to the hotel for poolside drinks, a cigar and back to bed.

Sunday morning we left the hotel around 11am and headed to the east coast of Florida.  A town called Edgewater which is only a few miles from Daytona.  We hung out with the family at the open house and by 4:30 we were back in the car for the drive across the state to the gulf coast.
Arriving back into Sarasota around 8 ish we hit the Oyster bar for dinner and then back to Longboat Key for another night of rest.

Monday morning I awoke and headed down the street to the little store for coffee (Dad was still sleeping) and then headed for the beach to enjoy the serenity and my coffee.  Dad awoke shortly thereafter and we walked around and had coffee together enjoying our little time together as well as the beauty of the beach and all the flora and fauna that thrives on this little island.  Then it was time's up!  Headed for breakfast and back on the road to the Tampa airport where we boarded and landed back in Michigan around 5pm.

It was pretty hard saying goodbye to all the family.  It was pretty hard leaving that island.
So here I sit, a little forlorn, depressed and sad.  I struggle to jump back into the things that I thought were so important before I left.  Which is why I'm still on the couch at 8:30 in the morning!  LOL
Oh well!

Here are some of the pics I took on our trip.

Some of the Bushman's that were at the wedding
Left to right and front to back are Grandma and Grandpa, my wife Angel, my stepmother Chris, my father, Bill Sr, me, my brother Bill jr.

Left to right, Aunt Peggy, Aunt Joanie, Aunt Patty, Dad and Aunt Chris.
All by age left to right as well.

Grandpa and I

The squirrel I had coffee with in Orlando
Back at the beach on Longboat Key
I love the wildflowers that grow on these beaches.
On my way for coffee that morning I walked by this tree.  What a great tree for a tree fort!
Also on my walk was this guy holding a mailbox!
Again on my walk the sidewalk was covered in the these beautiful flowers that were falling from the trees
Some flowers from one of the trees that Dad has growing.  I love that gentle fade from white to yellow.  Plumeria is the tree.  Smells great too
Our breakfast retreat on Monday morning.  Blinding white sands and a speck of a sailboat in the distance.  All open air.  Great place to eat!
A sidewalk I installed about 8 years ago at Sea Club.  Has not changed a bit.
While I was there I got a new hat.  Old and new!

I was hoping to snag a bunch of pictures off my cousins and brother of the wedding off Facebook but I haven't gotten around to it yet...or they haven't!



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  1. Great post, Bushman - you and your family look so happy! I'm glad you got on a plane with Angel and enjoyed yourselves. Start planning the next visit - don't wait another four years either. :) :) Thinking of you, Jenny.


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