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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Paperback Dreams

"If anyone asks just tell them I'm writing", he said lazily as he swatted at a bothersome fly circling his head.
"But they insist on talking to you", the young lady in the polka dot dress reported.  The sun was intense and the longer she stood here the hotter it became.  She planted a hand firmly on her hip, took a deep breath and exhaled loud enough for him to notice she was still there.
He raised his hand and removed the book that was covering his face, the hammock rocked slightly with the subtle movement.  Peeking out from behind the pages he eyed her, one eye slightly closed, the other open with an eyebrow raised.
"Yes", she said sternly.  "You have been avoiding these people ever since you signed.  They will call you out and void the contract if you don't talk to them.  They can even sue you.  What do you plan on doing once the checks stop coming, Mr big shot writer guy?''
"Well if the checks stop coming does that mean the phone will stop ringing?  Sounds like a good trade to me".  He adjusted the book back over his face, shielding his eyes from the daylight.  The hammock, nestled in the shade of a scattering of elm trees provided the perfect retreat for a daytime nap.  Or rather it should have but for this pesky woman in the polka dots he thought to himself.
He started to doze off again and was jarred awake once more by the alarm clock.  Stuffed into his own bed, sandwiched between two large and snoring dogs.
A dream, just a dream.


If you've been around long enough you know I like to write.  Good, bad or indifferent it really doesn't matter as long as I'm writing something then I'm happy.  (I especially like grocery lists!)
I have graduated to the mediocrity of mid life.  The kids are off doing their own thing (college and work and in a few months college for the other) and I am left wondering what will become of our little family.  What will I do?  I can only do so much gardening and yard work.  I'll flat out go crazy crazier!  So I have decided to make a commitment to my writing and see what happens.  I will be entering a writing competition so I have something in the near future to work towards.  In a nutshell the entry will be a short story, 5000 words or less.
I have completed one story so far that is out for critique and eventually a re-write.  Many more to come.
Practice, practice, practice.
A big thanks to my dear friend Jenny who introduced me to some new writing software.  This is a big step towards a more organized story, one with structure and a format.  Writing a small story can be challenging, trying to fit as much plot into such a small space but it can be done without the hassle of losing yourself in the many pages, characters and plot twists that a novel may contain.  This software breaks it all down for you.  It contains all the necessary features, right at your fingertips, to help you write that novel.
I will be continuing my journey 'The Madness in the Fire' on this software and am looking forward to the adventure.  (Which is incredibly fun to write even though I have been a bad parent and neglected it.)
You won't see anything on the blog unfortunately as anything published here in full will not be eligible for first time publishing anywhere else.  That goes for certainty with the contest.

The contest link is here if you would like to check it out.  It is called Surrey International Writing Contest

The best thing about writing for me is creating that adventure in your head.  You may not know how it will turn out but you get to pick which road it is going to travel on.  It is the best 'choose your own adventure' story you will ever read.  Only the person behind the words can control what happens.

Thanks for your continued support and reading,


  1. I am banking on you becoming the next big thing in suspens so we can buy that cottage out in the middle of nowhere like you want ;)

  2. Angel's got it right - you'll be the next big thing in suspense - and make sure that cottage has a guest room!! hahahaha

    Thanks for the shout out - I'm tickled you're enjoying Scrivener! Here's to the SIWC and you coming out with the knowledge you've got what it takes. Cheers, Jenny.


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