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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Life After 40

Ever since I turned 40 (5 days ago)
I have looked at the world through different eyes.  
Well...they're still mine I just see things in another way.  Old age will do that to you.

I think about all the things I've done before and how they have affected my life now.  I wonder about all the things I am going to do and the impact they will make accordingly.  

Like the time we organized a strike for the right to have a good time at work.

Yeah it didn't go so well.

I look at my tattoos in the mirror.  The ones that have been in place for 22 years.  Here is what they look like after being subjected to the sun for all that time.

Fortunately I did not get tattoos that started off ugly like these chaps. 

"Purdy kids ya got there, Clark."

I remember the one time I paid a stripper to do a dance on my brand new motorcycle.  It started out good but in the end I had to replace a few parts.

So now a days I try to think about things before I do or say them.   unless I'm drunk then all bets are off

The wife and I are starting our empty nest career and who knows what we may get into.
I'm a pretty fun guy.

We could go for car rides and tour the country.

We could have long conversations together.

I could always help her out in the morning when she's running late.

She really does love me and if I were to ever die she would be so sad.

So maybe 40 won't be that bad afterall.  Kinda looking forward to it now.



  1. Happy Birthday!
    I remember being soooooo depressed when I turned 40. OMG, FORTY!!!! I would have already been dead if this were the Middle Ages.
    Now, I'm 56. Oh, to be 40 again!
    Just wait until I'm 66. Oh, to be 56 again!

  2. I'm hanging my head in shame for not remembering… but, given this post I see you had yourself one heck of a time… and look at all those great reflections too… I'm cracking up with your fond recollection of the stripper and your new bike… that was just too rich for my blood.

    SO… Happy Belated Birthday, dear Bushman… I was looking high and low for that pencil drawing I did of your wee chocolate dog and when I get my boxes unpacked (hopefully before the end of this decade) I'll be sending it to you in honour of this special birthday… 40, wow, you ARE old now! Well… now you have something to look forward to… to add to your memory collection… let's just hope I don't forget given I'm a decade and a half older than you. hahahaha

    Oh… I just read Al's message… god I'm as OLD as Al… geez… I didn't think I'd ever get THAT old… :P :P hahahha

    1. Hey! At 56, we're old enough to know bet...uh...what was I saying? Ooh, look! Cake!

  3. Sounds like an exciting age. Enjoy the empty nest freedom.

  4. Happy belated birthday! Now that you're 40, I expect you to stop understanding how a computer works and to frequently complain to young people that you "broke the Internet again."


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