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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Vlogging? Well sort of.

Hello there and welcome to Thursday.  Perhaps it's just a tad thirsty.
Angel and I participated in the ALS Ice bucket challenge tonight.  It was a lot of fun.
I've heard some negative comments about it and I just don't understand.  The comment most heard is, "why don't you just donate and say screw the ice bucket!"
Well the point of the challenge is to spark interest and have fun.  This is exactly what the challenge does.  Nobody would've donated if it wasn't for this, so roll with it and do it if you get nominated.

Of course I couldn't leave this alone and decided to join a few of my fellow brethren in a new and different cause.  

The first video is the ice bucket challenge and the second is....well just watch.

Oh and by the way I nominate Al PenwasserA Beer for the Shower Boys and Pearson to participate in these challenges.  Pearson you may elect to drop out of the latter.  LOL
Oh and Dad you better pay attention.


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Chug a Beer for PMS Challenge


  1. I couldn't open your links but I"m glad you enjoyed being part of that challenge. It's for a good cause so I don't understand the negative comments either. I'm sure those afflicted with this horrible disease are appreciating all the efforts!

    1. Sorry Barb,
      I have went ahead and fixed the links. I'm not much of a computer Guru.

  2. OMG - my PMS just flared up - along with my nostrils… my dragon breath singed my brows as I howled with laughter.

    Good on you and Angel for doing the ALS Challenge - I'm on it.
    It might surprise you that I do a deep freeze water challenge daily. I stand under freezing water every time I finish having a shower. I watched some Buddhist monks doing this as discipline and thought I'd try it. So… on a regular basis I'm having cold water dumped on me… only it's me doing it to me… hahaha.

    As to the Chug a Beer Challenge - well, I'm right there rooting you and your bro-pals along. Stoggies and Jack… yup, that's the life of a man dealing with PMS.
    So… let me guess, not being familiar with what PMS is (cough, cough) but could it be the acronym for Pecker Minor Syndrome… hahahaha aww… just kiddin' (I'm killing myself with laughter about this newly minted disease)

    Okay, I'll stop now and behave… after my scathing book review and now dealing with PMS (as noted above) I'm seriously going looking for Jack and a stoggie! (good god… it just get's worse and worse…) :P

    1. Oh… and in light of you turning 4-0 you need to break down and change that "About Me" profile of yours… it needs to now say: "39 something, …"

    2. You are correct my dear Pearson. Time for a little updating. Oh and the cold water in the shower thing...no thanks!

  3. You made a loud noise when the water hit your head, Mr Bushman. It was a grunt befitting the great Tom Jones, who is an honorary gorilla. Is it okay to shampoo your hair before accepting the challenge?

    1. Never thought of the shampoo. Good idea! That water was quite cold and the noise finds its way out no matter how hard you try to keep it in!

  4. Those were two great videos. I did relate to the beer chug challenge...LOL

  5. Oh...well...now you went and did it. So now I'll have to go ahead and do it myself.
    That beer thing sounds good, too.


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