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Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Special Deer Camp Edition

If you've followed this blog for at least a year you know how much deer camp means to me.
It is my favorite time of year and my favorite event of the year.
Now that it is September the countdown has officially begun.
63 days to go before departure.

In honor of starting the timeline I made this collage.

Hope you enjoy it!

Be sure to click full screen in the lower left corner once it pops up!

Bushmans' Deer Camp


  1. If I were deer, I think I'd rather be shot than killed by wolves... as you as you don't kill more than the wolves are supposed to. Does the meat taste good? How do you cook it?

    1. The meat taste great if it is prepared correctly. That all begins with how you process it. I do all my own butchering and use nothing but boneless cuts. Very lean meat so you don't want to overcook it. I have made countless dishes from fajitas to rump roasts and chili to Stroganoff. I also make it into snack sticks and jerky as well as summer sausage.

  2. I too wonder how deer tastes. Never been hunting. I do love eating tasty animals, though.

  3. Plus, deer provides snack food at bargain prices. For instance, deer nuts are under a buck.


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