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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Arrival of Fate

The Arrival of Fate

 by J.W. Bushman

In the middle of the night,
she came to me.

The cover of darkness
concealing her intentions.

A quiet shyness lay like a fog bank,
the dust settled for sleep.

Only a quivering star to look upon...
a witness forever away.

silently gliding,
a whisper of black,
closer now.

A trace down a cheek,
fingers so long and slender
and cold.

Her pale face
opens to mine,
her lips red in the dark.

The blood runs quicker now.
I begin to understand.
It is me she wants
She is a stranger,
yet I long.
Her beauty is draped upon her
like perfume on a rose.

I reach out,
my arms, so weak.
My strength is fading.
I can not resist.

Her hand touches mine.
Remorse flows into me.
It tightens upon mine,
nails biting, gouging.

My face questions,
as her's snarls.
Her true intentions unveiled
as her lips turn  from red to blue.

Her eyes begin to bleed
and her skin melts away.
It isn't love she is after...
it is my soul.

The room turns cold,
even the star looks away.
I am locked in her grip,

With a final thrust
her dagger like fingers
enter my chest
wrapping around my heart

Ripping it out
and holding it high
she then begins to feast
Sucking greedily at my soul

I am cold now
Hell has come
Forever shall I lay
in a pool of sorrow


  1. Bravo! Brilliant - I loooooved this. Enticing and provocative and what a twist… yup, gearing up for SIWC15 Poetry Competition, that's what you be doing, matey!

    Love it! And… I enjoyed your other blog layout - but I really like this one! Welcome back to my world! Haha

  2. Just what I needed to read before bedtime. This was incredibly chilling. Yeesh.

    And personally, I like this layout better. That clicking popouts one is just so... unnecessary? As a lazy Internet surfer, I'd rather just read the page, not have to click to pop it out.


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