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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Books, Books and More Books

First things first, let me apologize for my lack of blog commitment this week month, posting and commenting both.  I have been busy in other wards of this institution known as writing.

This blog is only one of a few areas that need to be watered (and weeded) from time to time.  Any and all spare time (or creative spark) has been delegated to work on my book which is progressing along.  I hope to be further along than the current 41,467 words, but things have not been as fluent for me as of late.  I'll spare you the details.  Although I don't know when it will end or even how it will end, I feel as though I am roughly half way there.  Who knows, the story could take a turn and end up 120,000 words.  I honestly don't know.  The words that hit the screen every time I write truly dictate the outcome.

March is fast approaching with six more days to go.  After March is April and the A to Z Challenge.
I will be doing a Theme Reveal on March 23rd.  This year's theme is unique and I'm not really sure anyone out there will be doing the same thing as I am.  Stay tuned for the reveal.

Also, the last week of March is planting week for me.  I will be starting seeds for my peppers and tomatoes that will be planted in the garden mid-May.  Always a special time of year for me and I look forward to that as well.  March and April will be quite engaging for me.

I have three books planned for this year, should I have the determination and grit to get them done.
It will be a marathon year if I do.  With plans of purchasing an "Up North" retreat, gardening and summer chores, writing, and then all the everyday stuff like work, it will be an incredible challenge.

"How do you plan on getting it all done?" you ask.

Well, for starters, the kids are pretty much out of the house and if they are home they require little or no attention from Angel and I.  A quick meal and they're usually headed out the door.  As it is we only see Joe once a month or so.  (oddly enough he came over tonight for dinner)

Angel is still working two jobs and so she is never home.  When she does get home, I have already gone to sleep.

There is nothing to keep me from writing every day.  I just need to focus and concentrate.

So I have set a goal of a minimum of 1000 words a day.  1000 is not very much and I expect most days to be well over that but in the instance that I should be tired or mentally worn out I can still whip out 1000 words quick enough.

I am currently reading three books right now.
I just finished a re-read of another today.

On Writing-Stephen King.
I read this one a long time ago but on advice, from a good friend, I brought it back out.  It helps to stabilize the mindset while writing.  I just finished it this morning after starting on Friday.

Revival-Stephen King
I don't always treat myself to store bought best sellers.  It can be kind of pricey, but I picked this one up for $20 so I don't feel too bad.  I am just 100 pages in but so far I like it.  Not sure where it's going yet but I'm interested enough to find out.  I have always been a huge King fan.

Reichold Street-Ronald Herron
This book was penned by the father of my brother's best friend and he lives in the town I grew up in.
I love books with kids as the MC and Ron does a great job of this.
Another 'so far, so good' book.
Reichold Street Link

The Snowman's Children-Glen Hirshberg
I have just opened this one.  If it reads half as good as the inside cover than I will be in for a treat.
Mid 1970s Detroit.  A serial killer on the loose called the Snowman.  Two young friends bonding together to save the life of another.
The Snowman's Children Link

Yes, I find it easy to read several books at once.  I don't have any problems getting lost within them.
The more you read the better you write...right?

I have also purchased a few books to help me out on my writing journey.
A nice handy grammar guide (which I'm lousy at)
One about setting and description
One to help with dialogue (although in the current book there isn't much)
And one for later down the road during the second draft/editing process.  I haven't even opened that one yet.

That is what I have been doing lately.
How about you?  Any grand plans?

Now where did I put that book?

Have a great week,


  1. You really are taking your writing serious and for that I commend you. You are moving forward with it and finding resources to help you too. Taking on the A-Z Challenge is really brave of you. I have no interest for it to be honest but will follow you and Jenny for sure. Thanks for the follows on FB and Twitter for both me and Ray as well.

  2. That's neat that you have plans for 3 books this year! I am intrigued about your theme for A/Z especially if you don't think anyone might be doing that particular theme. I too am doing the theme reveal come March 23rd; its a simple theme but I want to keep it simple to be able to visit other blogs, etc.

    Seems like you have a good system going to get your writing in; good luck with it!


  3. Ah… the multi book reader - I'm of the same bent. I have the audio book in my car, Game of Thrones, and three others on my Kindle, and two "real" books - seems I'm not always in the mood for one or the other so I have lots.

    I used to do one at a time but found this way I can have different genres on the go when my headspace isn't into Kingslayers and the like… getting a little tired of the GoT books though so that makes the others more appealing.

    Good on your for having a theme - I'm going to reveal my NON-THEME hahahaha which is to fly by the seat of my pants. LOL Cheers, JP

  4. 41,467 words? 3 books in a year? You're putting us to shame! Really makes me want to amp up my writing time.

    I'm planting my seeds tomorrow. Looking forward to giving them some early life in my indoor setup before they go outside come late spring.

    Oh, and On Writing is probably the best 'on writing' book I've ever read. But I'm also a King fan, so... biased.

  5. Howdy! :) I am joining the fray this year: A to Z in April, Theme Reveal on March 23 (although it shouldn't be any great surprise to anyone who reads my blog) and writing my first book--memoir or whatever... I admire your ambition. Nice to reconnect! :) tm

  6. Real writing comes before blogging. I wish I were saying the same as you. I love having books about writing though I rarely read them or heed them.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  7. You sound like a very motivated writer for sure! We can all learn something from you :)


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