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Friday, February 13, 2015

Hand Fed Lions

Well, as some days do, this one got a little better.  I've managed to salvo out a few words and I'd like nothing more than to share them with you.

Another teaser, but a good one!

Excerpt from The Lion and I


When I arrived back at the lion he was sitting up, on his bottom, and staring at me again.  I wondered how he knew I was coming, then I noticed the wind.  It was blowing right at him, where before it was blowing the opposite direction.  He knew I was coming before I even rounded the tip of the island.  Cursing the evening trade winds I proceeded.

When I was within thirty yards he stood up.  I stopped, almost wet myself, and braced myself to run.  The uncertainty in my mind was overwhelming.  I had spent all this time making him well and now I wished I hadn't.  I wished I could put him back in his cage, box him up in that awful crate and send him on his way again.  I knew as certain as I knew my own name that this lion was going to attack and eat me.  I mean he had to, it was his job, wasn't it?

I stood frozen with fear and he sat quietly, tail swishing, watching me.  A coconut fell from a tree somewhere up in the forest and he turned his head to investigate the sound and that's when I noticed it.  Two long strands of drool hung from his mouth.  It was only when he twisted his head did the sunlight catch it and make it obvious.  He was hungry and he had smelled the fish long before I arrived.  His anticipation, like Pavlov's dogs, had caused him to drool.  I might make it out alive yet.

Summoning up what little courage I had, I began to walk toward the lion, slowly at first and then with more normal strides as my courage began to strengthen.  I resolved that I would befriend this lion or he would simply kill me.  At this point in time, either was acceptable.  Living here, alone and dying a long slow death without company or just getting it over with.

When I was within a few paces he sat back down on his haunches.  Was he trained to accept food I wondered?  I left the fish wrapped up in the leaf and gave it a toss.  It landed at his feet.  He sniffed it and looked up at me.  It was at that precise moment that I really thought it was over.  The hair stood up on the back of my neck and goose shivers ran down my spine.  He should have gobbled up the fish, not just sniff at it.  

He glared at me for an agonizing three seconds and then with his paw he gently pulled on the leaf until it unrolled.  He looked up at me again and for the first time I heard him make a sound.  He huffed, deep from within his chest, and then ate the entire fish with one bite.

After licking the leaf  a few times, he turned around, laid back down and put his head on his paws.  I was thrilled I was still alive but more overjoyed that I may just have a chance at befriending the lion.


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Thanks again!


  1. Continues to sound intriguing.


    1. Thanks, Betty!
      Some day soon it will be finished and edited. Lord knows it needs editing but in the meantime I'll just have fun.

  2. Yup… it just gets better with each instalment. Oma says… more, please! hahahaha no pressure, eh!
    Keep up the great writing.

    Cheers, Jenny
    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

    1. I had plans to...then they derailed. Maybe tomorrow!

  3. Love the way you can make me feel the fear in him. Good installment! Can't wait to read more.


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