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Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day!!!!!!!!

Well, isn't this special.
A snow day!

That's right I don't have to work today.

I awoke at my regular time of 4:15AM and trudged down the stairs, two bumbling labs trying to trip me up the entire way and acting as if they have never eaten before.

While they are making short work of their bowls of kibble I re-load the wood stove, which has dwindled down to a pile of cherry red coals overnight.  I usually pack it as full as I can get it because that will be the only heat source in the entire house until I return from work in 12 hours.

I had set my knee high rubber boots by the wood stove, the night before, so they would be dry and warm and I slid my bare feet into them, donned my coat and gloves and headed outside.

The snow storm totals are somewhere between 12 and 18 inches.  It's really hard to tell with the blowing and drifting of the snow.  Out in the middle of the yard, the dogs are in it clear up to their bellies.  Next to the garage (where I have to shovel, of course) is 24 inches deep.

The wind is still blowing and I tuck my chin into my chest and start shoveling my way around the garage to the front and the formidable driveway.  I had shoveled half of it yesterday afternoon when the neighbor showed up, with his snowblower, and finished it off.  I was stoked, to say the least.

However, a few hours later, excessive snowfall amounts and strong winds had it all filled back in again.  UGH!  I was going to have to at least shovel a path, wide enough for a car, so my wife could make it out to the road.  I was not looking forward to this, but it had to be done and quick, as I still had to get to work myself.

As I rounded the corner of the garage the wind gnawed at my face and tiny granules of icy snow peppered my cheeks.  I raised my head up just enough to see the driveway and, lo and behold, I could see a straight line in the snow.  Snowblower lines!  My neighbor had come to the rescue again last night.  It must have been late because I stayed up to watch the end of the Superbowl and when I went to bed the drive was still full of snow.


I headed back around the garage, to the service door, where my two fearsome canines sat, huddled at the house entry door, inside of the garage.  Apparently the wind and snow was too much, even for them, at this hour.

I snapped a few pics but it is dark so bear with.  I'll have more in the daylight.  I heard a tree crash down last night where the lawn meets the woods next to the chicken coop.  I'll check that out when it is light too.

The view right outside of my garage door.  I had already shoveled.

The walk behind the garage

Out in the yard

The window in my dining room that overlooks the garage.  It's piled up against the window.

Momma just found out she has a two-hour delay so now I'm going to hit the word processor and get some more done on my book.  See if I can hit the 10,000-word mark in 5 days.

Stay safe and warm out there,


  1. Are you for real - OMG x 10… that's a sh*&load of snow. And, does Angel really have to drive in this? - wow, she's brave if she does. I hope she gets the day off.

    And you… go for it with the typing… Oma's chomping at the bit! hahahahaha

  2. Yes, JP it was a sh*& load of snow.
    Luckily her work cancelled as well.
    Driveway is all cleaned up, made a run to town and even did some work on her car in the garage even though it is six degrees outside!
    I even snuck in a 30 minute snooze!

  3. That is a lot of snow and a lot of hard work keeping it shoveled! Good benefit though to have a snow day out of it!


  4. Snow is a 4 letter word for sure! Ugh, I just don't miss it and get cold just looking at it. Glad everyone is safe and sound.

    P.S. I told Ray to follow you on Twitter so you could check out his website per your comment on my blog. Can't wait for more writing from you.


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