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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturdays are the best.

Today is a special day.

Well, every day is a special day – when you’re on the right side of the dirt, I suppose.
First things first, most of my seeds have germinated and are doing fine.  4 days was all it took for some to pop out of their tiny seed husks.

I worked overtime yesterday, 9 hours to be exact.  That makes for a nice little deposit in the cabin account.

The weather is turning.  Friday was around 50 degrees.  It was nice.  The snow has all melted from my yard.  What it left in its wake was an awful sight.  I won’t disgust you with the details, but I’ll just say, “Two dogs, one long winter.”

My turkey permit arrived in the mail this week.  I will be headed north the weekend of April 24th to try my luck at hunting the elusive wild turkey.  I love turkey hunting.  The spring woods is amazing.  The sights and the smells as the forest awakens from winter are spectacular.

Hunting turkeys is challenging.  The first thing you need to do is locate a Tom turkey.  I usually will locate a flock of turkeys the night before and find out their general sleeping location or roost as we call it.  Once you find out what trees they are sleeping in you sneak in real quiet the next morning and set up as close as you can without spooking them.  They have incredible eyesight and can even pick you out in the dark. 
The Toms will begin gobbling at first light.  Calling to the hens around them.  Letting them know who is boss.  Your job is to imitate a hen and try to call that love sick Tom into range.  Trust me, this is a lot easier said than done.  I have only taken three Toms in my turkey hunting time. 

Today is also the day of the Ultimate Sports show in Grand Rapids.  I will be headed there with a friend from work.  Dad and I are headed into Canada this August for a fly-in fishing trip and the outfitter we chose will be at this show.  I want to pick their brain as I have a million questions.  Face to face is much better than e-mails and phone calls.

After that, I think I will come home, crack a beer, and fry up some chicken wings.

So what are your plans for the day?
Don’t forget about the A to Z Theme Reveal on Monday the 23rd.

How are your preparations for theA to Z Challenge coming along?

Whatever your plans I hope you enjoy the day!


  1. "When you're on the right side of the dirt"...I am sooo gonna steal that.
    Most of my haikus are done for the challenge. I feel like I'm cheating a little because the things are so easy to do. The challenge is to make them somewhat funny. I may try a legit, classy haiku. Hmmmm....still have a few letters left....

  2. That was interesting about the turkeys hunting them; learned something new today! Sounds like a good day ahead for you, enjoy! Only have 4 more A/Z to write myself; got my theme reveal post written, going to try to wrap the rest of the posts up this weekend and enjoy the beautiful sunny day!


  3. You've been busy. I hope the day's outing to the Ultimate Sports show is informative. I bet you can't wait for August. Not for the fishing, just to be in Canada - LOL… I couldn't resist.

    Seeds are sprouting nicely - bodes well for a great harvest, right!

    Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you get a little relaxing in there somewhere.

    Cheers, Jenny
    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador

  4. Cheers to seedlings! The majority of mine only needed a few days to sprout too.

    So, as requested, here's some pics of my indoor setup...


    This is my grow tent for matured plants. The light timer on the left controls the single LED light in the center top of the tent. Because of that glimmery reflective material lining the tent's inside, light bounces proportionally across the entire tent, meaning that single light is more than enough to help everything grow happily without any plants trying to grow at a bent angle toward a specific light source.


    This is the tent from the inside. I've got habanero chilis (left), my wife's flower (center left, no idea what it's called but it looks like a red conehead), and two more generic jalapeno pepper plants that I started a couple months ago. If you really want to pack plants, you can fit 10 adults in there.


    This is the seedling tent. They only need a small, office-style florescent light to get them going. And yes, those are cheap red party cups (stay classy, growers). As you can see most of them have already sprouted. They'll be transplanted to a bigger pot in about 1 month.


    And finally, these are the rest of the plants, which are year round plants that I keep inside during winter so they don't freeze and die. They sit openly in the room with some more powerful florescent lights above.

  5. Lots of great things to look forward to in your world. I love springtime. Full of new beginnings. A very positive post the Bushman!

  6. Haha! Yes, I have a friend in Indiana with two great danes. I've heard what her yard looks like after the snow melts.
    Trisha Faye


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