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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

P is for Still the Same Ol' Dude

Hello there,

In searching for a post for P I just happened to come across this older one.  So I will post a bit of a re-post but I'll liven it up a bit with some updates.

This one was a questionnaire that I filled out some time ago.  My good friend Pearson posted it.

So I will call it Pearson's Proust.

Here is the original.

Pearson's Proust

I would change a few answers or at the very least amend them.

# 15 would include my little sweet bundle of joy, Corabella.
#16 would change to "the birth of my baby"
#19 would be creating a beautiful baby
#31 would also include the name, Corabella

It is interesting to go back and read my answers.  I didn't change much.  I'm still the same person with the same beliefs but having a child does change you!

I'm glad that I can go back and see that I am still the same guy that answered those questions.

I'll go back next year and read them again!

Happy P post!


  1. I think that was neat to do! It will be fun too to see how your answers change over the course of next year when you do this again a year later!

    I remember being upset about something going on in our lives that was lasting a long time, eventually would top out at 3 years. I kept a journal at the time and out of curiosity I went back and read my journal a year ago from the day I was on and I had written almost the exact same thing about my frustration about the events. I realized I needed to get a different thought process about it and stop complaining and start acting :)


  2. What a great idea. I've always been fascinated with how my thoughts/opinions have changed as years go by. I hope I've become more introspective, more mature...nawwwwwwwww.

  3. Small changes happen, especially after such a big event. I don't imagine mine have changed much either.

  4. It would be neat to see how I would have answered 20 years ago versus now. I think there would be a huge difference. Not so much in the last few.

  5. You motivated my P post - as I've been somewhat distracted I have not posted these last few days - but, I decided to repost my answers too, along with a few modifications - so, thanks DUDE! LOL


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