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Thursday, April 21, 2016

R is for Nature

You came back?

What a glutton for punishment you are.

Here it is Thursday already.  The end of my scheduled work week and the start of a glorious weekend (I hope)

Spring is in full swing here.  The grass is green and the trees are budding.  Life is blooming and bountiful ( there's a B post for ya)

Have you been outside and just watched and listened?

You really should.  Take just a few moments of every day to appreciate the gifts of life.

We spend too much time getting wrapped up in our day to day life, stresses, and struggles.  Everyone needs to  get back to nature.  It has a calming and healing effect.

These are things I want to teach my little one.

When my wife was pregnant I would often sit and think about how I wanted to raise this new life.  I wanted her to be the best person she could possibly be and in order to do that, I would have to show her.

She will learn from me.  Easier said than done, I know.  I'm set in my ways but bringing someone new into this world I cannot ignore the opportunity to make a difference.  I must change for the better so she can learn from me.

Not just in her life but in the lives that she will have an impact on.  There is good in this crazy world and we should teach our children to seek it out and where there is none, make some!

So today's post is all about...

Raising a good child.


  1. And you will learn from her :)

    It is a challenge to raise a good person, raising children is indeed a challenge. It is Rewarding (r word here) but there are those days. I do hope Corabella doesn't give you a lot of those days (and I'm thinking the teen years, not the sleepless nights of newborn days)

    somehow I think she has a great teacher in you!


  2. Of course I'm a glutton. I heard there's lunch here.

  3. Of course I'm a glutton. I heard there's lunch here.

  4. There is no such thing as the perfect parent. You do the best you can. You will be great!

  5. Corabella's damn lucky to be learning from you. We both love going outdoors and just watching and listening. It's half of what makes camping such a great experience. The other half is the beer, of course.


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