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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kaitlins last hunt night

Well we left the house at 4:15 pm tonight. We had time for some pictures before settling in.

It was a quiet evening. Breeze about 10 to 15 mph temps in the low 70's. We saw 1 buck about 150 yds out. Watched him feed for awhile then disappear into the brush. Nothing else stirred until we were leaving a couple of deer entered the field as we were walking out. Couldn't tell what they were. They were about 50 yards out. Kaitlin begged me to let her shoot one but I told her there wasn't enough light and it wasn't safe. Besides we owed the deer a little more respect than that. It was nice to have some one on one with my daughter. She is going to make a fine huntress and I am very proud already. We will try again during the regular season in November. Thanks to Richardson's Guide Service for the free hunt they so kindly awarded her during their annual drawing. Check them out on the web at richardsonsguideservice.com.

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