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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smoke shack construction

I have been using this very small electric smoker for 3 years now. All things considered it did a fine job for the first 2 years.
The temp control froze up and wouldn't budge. The burner element became loose and unsafe. The latch broke on the door. Well you get the point.

So I decide to build one. Yes build one why not? First things first however...What to build it with. Wood was my natural choice. I can get a lot from work at no cost.
My next question was; is that feasible? So the search engine on my PC went into overdrive. By golly it is possible especially for what I want.

I started with a basic 2x4 shell with 1/4 plywood on the outside and insulated on the inside. Right here the dimensions are 56" tall by 36 " wide and 36" deep.

I then added a door and included a window I had leftover from our Hail storm of 2008
As you can see I added 3 rafters I cut on a 3-12 pitch.
I covered the gable ends(below) with plywood and proceeded to sheet the roof

Now I have to line the inside with oak boards I hope to get from a friend at a reasonable price. I will line the bottom 2 foot with aluminum flashing to help with cleanup of drippings. Also cover the floor with either firebricks or clay tiles. More pictures to come. Stay tuned.


  1. Whoa! Very nice...Ive toyed with the idea of building a smoker myself but always end up talking myself out of it.

    Lovely blog...and good luck with the smoker!


  2. Thanks Cheri,
    I just about finished the inside today. Will post after dinner. Try it there are so many ways to do it.

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