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Friday, October 2, 2009

Smoke shack almost ready

Here is the ensemble I brought home from the home improvement store today. Ceramic floor tile, tongue and groove siding, louver vents and an assortment of venting materials and a roll of flashing I had in the shop.

I installed plywood and flashing on the bottom 2 feet of the smoker and used the tongue and groove to line the walls. Then I did the ceiling with oak boards ( I ran short on T&G) The angles were fun!!!

My big brown dog Gunner is a huge help out in the wood shop. He chews up all the little pieces of scrap so I don't have to. LOL

I added these 3 inch louver vents for an air intake vent. It goes through to the inside via a 3 inch dryer vent pipe. You can see the inside vent on the picture below. I have ceramic tile on the floor(I still have to cut to size) which will be laid loose so I can remove and clean up any drippings that tend to fall to the bottom while smoking. I cut a hole in the roof and the ceiling and connected via a 4 inch vent tube. The only dampers they had were in 6 inch so I traced the 4 inch pipe onto it and cut off the excess with my diagonals. This I inserted into the rain cap. Tomorrow I install shelf brackets and dowel holders

I even took out the goose breasts, that we shot early season, to thaw out for some goose jerky. Check back and I'll post that process too. Goose makes the best jerky.

I will be shingling the roof and siding the outside as well.  Drip edge, fascia, gutters the works but not right away.  I'm $90 into it already.

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