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Saturday, October 3, 2009


I learned today that to give up hope is to give up a piece of your soul.  When something seems so inevitably out of your hands and all is forsaken you must endure.  You must continue to hope and to love. 
I almost gave up hope today.  I felt a piece of my soul dying and it hurt.  It hurt down deep.
For the second time in my marriage of seven years God seemed to be knocking on the door, coming to claim the son or daughter that I thought was mine.  Coming to take my only blood child and in turn leave another gaping hole in my heart.
I thought it was done.  I prayed to God to save my child and to not hurt my wife.  I asked God to do his will through me and my wife and unborn child.  Through this I transferred my hope into Gods hands.
My wife and unborn child are doing well right now.  A procedure was performed that has given us a second chance.  As I write this all is stil unsure but we have hope and through this hope miracles can and will happen.  I ask for all who read this to never give up hope without it what do we have left?

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