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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Great Hail Storm of 2008

Well I haven't done much these past few days a little rest and recuperation. (smoking a little venison when I get the chance).  So I thought I would dig into the archives and tell you the story of the Great Hail Storm of 2008.
Click on the pictures for an expanded close up view

July 2nd 2008.
I was up in Lansing purchasing some "party favors" for a big 4th of July party we had planned.  Just as I had the last "favor" loaded into the trunk the sky let loose and the wind began to howl.  We ducked back into the garage and waited for it to pass.  It was pretty bad.  Little did I know what was happening 15 miles to the South where I live.

I arrived home to the carnage you see below.  70mph winds rain and hail.

The whole yard was covered like this.  This is my upper back deck we ended up filling the cooler full of hail and put my beer in there.

That is the side of my hot tub, below is damage to the house and camper:

There are things in life that people really cherish.  I happen to have a beautiful garden.  I also love to landscape(former career).  So you can imagine how devestated I was when I saw this.  It was too late in the seson to replant as well.

Corn anybody?  Notice the bare ground.

Onion patch


My flower beds were full of flowers.  The wind was so bad that once the hail shredded everything it blew it all away.  It was like there never was anything at all.

Above is a wide shot of garden and back yard.  It even took most of the leaves of this big Honeysuckle.

We ended up with a new roof, new siding, some new windows, and a  new air conditioner.  Many of the farmers in the area lost all their fields.  It was devestating to a lot of people.  It did however boost our local economy for awhile.  Construction and roofing boomed all summer and into this year.  There is still work being done.
However there was a part that is unreclaimable.  Our wildlife was devestated.  There were dead birds everywhere.  Squirrels and rabbits too.  Many trees were torn down or damaged so bad that they are no longer nice to look at.  The big honeysuckle has still not made a comeback.  She is very sick looking now and I fear she may have to go.
I am thankful it was not worse.  We could have lost everything.
The party was a success.  Great food, fireworks, neighbors.
I even ended up with a window for my new smoker.  Although I would have rather bought one!!!    Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.

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