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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A foggy walk

Big Brown Dog and I went for a walk yesterday morning.  It was cool, crisp and foggy.
I contemplated the road due to the fog and the possibility of being Stephen Kinged.
(Sorry Steve)  I did however want to do a little run with my walk so I opted for the road.  This is new for me.  Running that is.  So I grabbed my camera and my tennis shoes and took off. 
The first leg of my journey was up and over the freeway.  Yes I said up.  Now I'm no slouch but the years are gaining on me as fast as my midsection.(thus the run).  Big Brown Dog really should be Medium Brown Dog as well.  You get the point. 
It wasn't too bad at first.  Cool breeze in my face, nothing but the slap of shoes on pavement and the jingle of Gunner's collar.  The camera I had over my neck and shoulder gave a rhythmic thump with every step as though keeping in tune with my heartbeat. 
Up we went.  Now from the car it doesn't seem like much and I thought I had it under control.  Till I got to the top.  Knowing full well at that point I should've started off a little slower I proceeded to walk down the other side.  Walking down the other side I noticed some things that were quite intriguing. So I stopped to take a few pictures.  Big Brown Dog doesn't much care for stopping.  I proved that morning that pictures turn out better without a dog leash in your hand.  Also that hills don't seem to bother dogs as much as people.
Down the other side I went.  I had gone only about half a mile when I decided that instead of running down the road I would walk down the neighbors lane.  So in keeping with my idea of reducing my midsection I made a deal. (with the dog)  We would run back up and down the hill to the neighbors lane and then walk the half mile back to his house and back.
Here are some of the pics I took from the main road. 
                                               Foggy Apple Tree

Fall colors starting to show

love this time of year.
Walking up and down the lane was serene and beautiful.

Up close on a sumac

Here is a view of our barn from the neighbors lane.  This cornfield separates our drives.
Here is a Where's Waldo shot of the corn.  It was the only piece showing.
The deer were out playing last night.  I have proof!!

These flowers are trying to hang on.  Summer can't be over yet.
I admire their courage.

I love the Lane.  I can imagine Ichabod riding down it with Headless Horsemen hot on his tail. 

When I got home Rascal was either just finishing a round of hoops or did not appreciate the wet foliage on her feet.
It was a very successful morning.  A good way to start the day.  Although I may stick to just walking for awhile.   

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