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Monday, October 12, 2009

Wood Cutting Day

We cut wood on Sunday. I really enjoyed myself.  It was kind of a man day.  Chainsaws, splitter, tractor.  Good Friends always make things better as well.
After the great hail storm ripped through here in 2008 there was a path of knocked down trees.  Kinda looked like a mini tornado came through.  Well these trees are ready to be cut up.  There was three of us cutting and two splitting.  We were back in the woods so I hooked up the trailer to the lawn tractor and we hauled it out that way.  Took a lot of trips but we got it done.

Here is Jerry and Grover getting saws prepped.

Here they are cutting wood.  It was kinda dark in the woods.

The faithful John Deere

Piece by piece we loaded

A very successful day.  I forgot to get a picture of the wood pile.  I would guess we cut about 2-3 cord of wood.

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