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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Out for a Hunt

Went out hunting the past two days(Tues/Wed) with my good friend
and Co-worker Ernie.Ernie also runs Richardson's Guide Service. 
 Link on friends column.We had nice evenings. 
We were in betwen a couple of weather systems of which one hit today.
That is the reason I am typing instead of hunting.  Rain, cold, and wind.
I believe it is an International Delights Night. LOL
We hunted two different counties on these nights. 
The guy has locations everywhere.
I took a couple pictures out of my stand the first night. 

It is hard to capture all the beauty through a lens.
You miss out on the smells and the sounds. 

This stand sits between a bedding area and a plowed wheat field. 
The field was freshly plowed within two days or so. 
Oddly enough this is one of the stands I helped him put up in the off season.  What goes around comes around.  This was a great spot it even had a couple of apple trees around it thatwere still dropping apples.  Every so often I could smell fresh apples.

A straight down shot.  Not too far down only about 14 ft. 
I love to bow hunt.  The adrenaline dump is intense when I first see a deer.  So many thoughts are coursing through my brain it's a wonder I don't pass out.We didn't have any luck the first night but hey that's hunting right?

The second night I sat in a draw that begins at a hawthorne thicket and runs into a cut soybean field.  It is loaded with mature hardwoods.  It has some of the tallest hickory trees I have ever seen.  My stand was situated in a large white oak.  The cover was a little thick still as all the leaves are not down but was it ever pretty.  The colors are really popping.  Forgive me for the next picture.  I had to go full zoom to get close enough to see the detail and at full zoom I'm a little shaky.(maybe I should cut down on the java)
It's out of focus but worth it.

Mind you I'm 18 ft up a tree taking pictures.I did have a bunch of turkeys come in to the stand but they just wouldn't get close enough for a good picture.  Squirrels and birds won't sit still long enough.It's times like these I really admire wildlife photographers.  Whew!!!

It was relaxing being out in the woods.  There isn't much else that can slow down my mind and let my spirit wander a bit.  It's a great place for thinking and soul searching.  It's entertaining(especially when the squirrels are playing)Wonderful for naps.  For me it is a place to recuperate and let my heart mend.
I need a lot more but it's a start.  Thanks Ernie for oppurtunity.  I look forward to our future hunts.

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