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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been busy.  As if the title didn't give that away.  I had an order for a new smoke shack.  Seems as though someone liked mine well enough to order one.  Can't say I blame them.  It is a fine piece of workmanship. LOL
No really though.  It is perfect for all of us deer hunters.  This time of year we all start shooting deer.
(I should say they all shoot deer because I've been skunked so far)  Then the jerky and sausage start flowing.  It's preconceived that you will get to sample a fair amount of jerky,  sausage and snack sticks at work.  Each one of us think we have the best recipe or the best procedure.  In a way it's almost like a secret competition.  There is no declared winner but we secretly scrutinize each others recipes and style.  If there is something we like we try to copy it or work it into an existing recipe.  Anyways these smokers are perfect for cold smoking as they hold a temp of 150 to 175 with nothing more than an electric burner.  They are fully insulated for cold weather cooking as well.  I can complete a batch of jerky in about 4-5 hours with a great smoky flavor. Here is a shot of the frame.

I still have to install the shelf brackets.
I did manage to go out huntng last night.  It was a great night.  I saw 3 does and 2 bucks.  I had a little 4 pt come right in on me.  I was hunting in a pine thicket that was about ten yards thick and it was on the edge of a pond.  The pond was at my back, wind in my face and the deer trail in front of me.  Almost perfect setup.  Almost!  The little 4 pt walked right into the pine thicket.  It was crazy I don't know why he would go in there.  It was not bedding time it was feeding time.  It's a small cluster of about a dozen pines.  It makes no sense.  Alas he still walked in and was about 15 feet from me when he noticed me.  He couldn't smell me and I bleneded in real well. He just looked at me for about 3 minutes turned and took 2 bounds and stopped to make sure everything was cool and then walked away.  His brother was in a thicket on the other side of the trail and watched the whole thing.  He decided he would follow his brother.  Neither deer was spooked by my presence so I was happy about that.  I sure would have liked to put up some meat though.
Here is a shot out of my pine thicket.  Today I am going to put up a pop-up blind in there so I have more cover.

Until next time.  Farewell, shoot straight and keep smokin'

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