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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leaf clean up day

Today I got home from work and decided to get the leaves cleaned up in the front yard.  They weren't too bad but I don't want them to build up and pay for it later with a thick mat of wet leaves.  So I went out to the barn and got my good buddy Mr. Leaf Blower.

I blew them all into a pile around the big Black Walnut Tree.  There was a bunch of debris that had been collecting around that tree for awhile.  Not to mention some saplings had decided to call that home.  So I figured I would roast them all.

Of course Big Brown Dog was there to help.
We got all the leaves burned up and then the neighbor stopped by with his Aussie, Hunter.  Hunter and Gunner were running side by side when they ran by this pole in the back yard.  Hunter hit a piece of metal sticking out of the side of the post and ripped his lower eyelid wide open.  Poor guy looked like he just climbed out of the Octagon on the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  He was dripping blood everywhere.  I felt bad for him. I believe he was going to go for stitches.  I'll let you know.

That was my evening.  I had to share this one last thing with you though.
On my way to the barn I passed the chicken coop and this sign hangs on the door.  It was given to me by a fellow co-worker.  It always seems fitting on a chicken coop door.
That about sums it up!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Looks Like You took care of those leaves! I found some tips on http://www.leafcleanup.net that might make your life easier. I live in westminster md in the woods, and boy did this help with our leaf removal! Thanks Bushman, Always a good read!

  2. Thanks for visiting Kevin. I spent most of my career landscaping and in the fall was leaf clean up time. Suprisingly I still enjoy it. However when I see a tarp full of wet leaves my legs start to ache. I've cleaned them up again and now I need to do it a third time.


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