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Friday, November 20, 2009

First week of Deer Season

On the 14th I had a lot of food prepping to do.
15 lbs of chicken wings to smoke.  Sauces to make for the wings.  Brisket to finish.  Cheese to smoke.
I needed to pack up all things non-perishable and have it ready for a 5:00 AM departure time.

I also made a trip out to the farm to set up my "kitchen".  I did not want to try and set it up before lunch or the morning of when it was dark.  I had two turkey fryers, a coleman stove, bowels etc...

The chicken wings I prepped with a meat cleaver.  Too many for a pair of poultry shears.  I would have had blisters by the time I was finished.  I seasoned them with a mix of Lawrys seasoning salt Tony Cecheros cajun seasoning, chili powder, salt and pepper.  Then I loaded them in the smoker and set it at 225 degrees.

I let these cook for 3 hours.  Refrigerated them and the next day roled them in flour and deep fried them.
Once deep fried I tossed them in their respective sauces.

We all met at Smitty's for beakfast on the 15th.  There is always a bunch of people that show up for breakfast.
Here is Smitty

Breakfast in the making

Broker Bob and Andy in chow mode!!

Trevor and Grover deep in coversation.
(probably about why they dress like twins)

We left Smittys full bellys protruding and made the quick drive to the farm.  Ten minutes away is all.
I was first so I unlocked the gate and pulled in.  Then Jerry and Grover.  Then Broker Bob.  Then Andy.  Then Texas(running late I might add).  Phoenix showed up after we had all departed for our blinds.  He works the late shift so his clock is all messed up.
Grover likes to make fun of Jerry and I because it never fails when we get to the farm we have a certain urgent need.  Grover "takes care of business at home" he says.  Well guess what?
Somebody had to make an emergency run into the plowed field.  We just happened to have a spotlight and a camera ready.

Well we all got to our blinds well before sunup.  Got settled in and waited.
And waited.  And waited.  And waited.
Nothing showed.  I sat in my blind until 11:30 and never seen one deer.
The guys seen a few does and Andy had a hail mary shot at a Big Buck but missed.  Broker Bob let a small 4 pt pass.  Other than that......nothing!
We did not have even one deer on the ground opening morning.  First time since I've been hunting these grounds.  So LUNCHTIME!!!

The whole crew showed up for lunch must have been over twenty people.
I cooked hard and fast.

It took awhile but Grover finally downed the first deer of the weekend.  It was a one horn spike.  His first buck.(unicorn)

I hunted hard for three days and never did see one deer from my blind.
It was a very uneventful opener. 

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