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Saturday, November 21, 2009

What if......

I suppose all this deer hunting is really going to mess up my style of thinking.  I am spending way too much time sitting in a chair doing nothing but reading and watching out a small window hoping a deer will show up to alleviate the monotony of a particular outing.  I have started short stories,  I have created a few limericks and poems,  I have conjured up images of large racked deer from nothing but stumps. 
The stories I have stored in my brain,  where likley they will turn to dust and disappear under the heavy load of life that is stored there as well.  I will be unable to bring them back to life should I choose to act on one of them.  Which I have felt inclined to do as of late.  Just a short story perhaps.  One that will silence the little demons in my head for just a short while.  A story about what if.  Something you can ponder over and get your cogs turning.  Shake the dust out of your imagination and press the little red start button.  Can you do that?  Can you step away from yourself and think what if?  Not the what if I won the lottery either.  We all dream that one but that only happens to those who don't need it.  I'm talking about the what if that wakes you up at night wringing wet with sweat and a scream pursed on the edge of your clinched lips..  The what if that makes the hair on the back of your skin stand up when you reach around the corner in a dark room to flip on the light switch.  Not sure of what is lurking in the depths of the dark.  The undead dark.  Surely that is where the what ifs lie in wait.  The what ifs floating through the air on a warm summer night.  You have felt it.  A cold quick change in temperature.  Just for a moment.  You wonder what evil  has just floated by.  Under the dock at your familys cabin on the lake.  You don't dare swim under the dock.  Why?  Sometimes the answer is best left alone.  Left dead.  Left to float throught the air on those warm summer nights.  But what if it won't stay there?  What if......
Be careful the sun is setting.

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