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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Smoked Chicken Wings

Ok I did it.
I smoked a dozen chicken wings then deep fried them.  Then sauced them.
THEY WERE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My new smoker did well with the higher temps.  250 degrees.

I started with a dozen whole wings.
I cut the tips off and discarded them.  Next I removed the wing from the Drum.
I left a couple whole and just locked the tip.  I also left a couple whole but with tip removed.
I seasoned them with salt, pepper, chili powder and Lawrys.
I assembled them on my smoker rack and headed outside.
Of course Big Brown Dog was ready to lend a paw should I need any assistance.
I put them in the smoker and placed a drip shelf underneath.  This helps catch any drippings and also deflects
direct heat so the wings don't cook to fast.  It was just a piece of flashing but it worked well.
I fired it up,  propane burner this time, added a handful of apple chips and shut the door.
You can see(above) how the sheet catches the drips.
I watched the temperature guage and adjusted my control valve until I had the needle
nestled at 225 degrees.  Then I simply walked away. 
Ok I admit I did keep running out to check and make sure my temps were holding.  Poultry is nothing to mess around with.  It held.  Not once did it move off of 225.

After 1 hour of 225 degrees and one handful of chips I opened the door added 1 more handful
of chips and shut the door.  I coaxed it up to 250 degrees and let it go 1 more hour.
After a total of about 2.25 hours in the smoker(.25 being my warm up times) I brought them in.

Golden Brown and smelling delicious.
I rolled them in flour and panfried them hot and quick.
Next I made my sauce.  Yes I did eat a couple "naked".  Yes they were good.  Very Good!
I took butter, honey and BBQ sauce melted and mixed in a pan.
Tossed in the wings once it was melted and hot.  Gave them a shake and pulled 'em out.
Then I ate them!
I put the remaining pieces in the fridge.  The leftover sauce too.
Tomorrow I will fry and sauce the leftovers and see how good they are.
Point being that I want to make these for deer camp lunch so I need to smoke the day before and fry the day of.  I don't imagine there will be any problems but I want to make sure.  I will have a whole slew of hungry guys to feed so my reputation is on the line.  They expect big things from me.
I was very happy with the results.  The smoke flavor that comes through the sweet honey and the tangy BBQ
sauce is an excellent adventure on your palate.  Sweet smoky and tangy.  Great combo.  For spicy I think I will use some Tony Checerros(sp) should give it a smoky cajun kick.

Tomorrow I smoke cheese!!!!!!!!!!!

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