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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Campfires and Hot Tubs

We had the first campfire of the season last night.  Burned up that brush pile and a bunch of trimmings from the wood shop.  Mosquitos were out but the Off seemed to chase them away well enough.  I suppose we had too much blood for our own good.

It was a nice fire.  Kaitlin had smores and I had a big cup of Butterscotch-Toffee coffee and a nice Victor Sinclair-Monterey Cigar. 
This morning I was up early(what's new?)
Watered the garden and the flowers.  I love to watch the sprinklers in the garden.  I have two hooked up and they run at the same time.  It covers the entire garden and I watch the droplets glisten in the morning sunrise.

Nice sunrise this morning.  Why does anyone ever want to sleep in?

I worked on the dog kennel first thing this morning.  I had all the hog panels down and the t-posts dug up by 8am.  It was hot already.  I got most of it up I will finish it off one of these days.  The neighbor has a couple more panels I can have.  Thanks Bernie!!

I still have hog panels up against the house cuz the dogs will chew the siding.  Crazy Mutts!!
I filled up the hot tub this morning.  I hooked the hose up directly to the hot water tap for the washing machine.  That way I get hot and soft water.  Plus I don't have to wait as long for it to heat up.
We got in it after dinner and relaxed for awhile but the mosquitos drove us out before too long.  Gonna be a bad skeeter season.  I need to get some tiki torches around the tub.

Rascal the "barn" cat was on the prowl today checking out the new flowers.

I never did build the scarecrow today.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow and if so I will build him out in the wood shop.  I think the temps are gonna cool down a bit.  We found this neat little flag at the store today.  Had a B on it so we hung it from the front deck.

It was a hot day and I was tired so me and the Big Brown Dog had a little nap.ZZZZZZZZZZ

Yes I allow my dogs on the couch.  We keep a sheet on them to keep the dirt to a minimum.
If that bothers you then guess what?  Don't sit on my couch!!!  Besides my wife is OCD when it comes to cleaning so they never stay dirty for long.  TRUST ME  !!
It's not summer yet but judging by the boy's reactions today I say the dog days are here!

Not too often you see them both laying down especially when Remmi has his red rubber ball.
I planted some prety little vinca today in the bird feeder bed.

A very busy yet productive day.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Amazingly as the day began, so it ended.

Good night all.

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