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Monday, May 31, 2010

A nontypical scarecrow?????

I started out the morning with the usual beautiful sunrise.

Went out in the garden and did my weeding and finished planting a couple things.  Got a mini watermelon patch going.  I had to transplant a few stalks of corn to even out the rows and fill in the blank spots where the seed didn't germinate. I also built my scarecrow today.  He isn't really there to scare any birds away and as a mockery I put a parrot on his shoulder.  I started out building a base using an old board and a 4x4 post.
I drilled through a 2x4 and ran a long bolt through it and through a makeshift bearing so he would pivot.

Next I built a frame for the upper torso

I attatched the frame work to the "waist line 2x4" and put his shirt on.
A couple staples held it in place.
I made the head out of plywood and attached his hat.
A little paint and voila!!

I drilled through the ends of his arms and inserted a couple pinwheels that will also spin in the wind.
He needs a name now.
Of course all this I could not do alone without my faithful companions.
I love these guys! Truly a man's best friends.

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