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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garden update

I have been requested to post up some pics of the garden progress.  Well it wasn't exactly a request but more of, "I've been watching your blog, looking for more garden pics".  HINT HINT.  I got it Pops.
I kinda wanted it to grow a little more first but who cares right?  He wants to see it so by golly I'm gonna show it.  Sounds like a line from the tv show Cops.  LOL

                                   Here is the first row of peppers.  Green and yellow bells.

Here are two rows of tasty Tomatoes
Here are some hot peppers and tomatoes finished on the end with broccoli

Here is salad corner.  A variety of cabbage, lettuces, mesclun, arugula and spinach. 
Paired with a nice bed of table onions.(green onions)
Here is the start of a watermelon patch.  Archer is standing guard.
Yeah I know what your thinking. Don't worry I am not a racist.  I hate everybody the same:)
My corn patch.  Shin high right now.  Should be knee high by the fourth of July with no problem.
Barring any hail storms or tornadoes that seem to target my garden every year.
Next to my corn is my bush bean patch.  Some seeds did not germinate so I replanted them.
My beans will now last a little longer due to the late start by a few of them.  Lazy Beaners

This is my cucumber trellis.  5 plants that I train to grow up, instead of out.  works well
and saves space.
Next is my summer squash and zuchinni
This is what I call canners alley.
The neighbors 32 Roma tomato plants.
That I take care of and they reap the rewards.
I never even got 1 jar from them last year now that I think about it.
Oh well.  Expect nothing and you will never be dissapointed.  Right?
Here are a couple over all shots.
Last but never least.  My two best friends.  (who secretly think they are ducks)
Gunner and Remmi playing in the mud puddle after a thundershower.

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