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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Moonlit Shade Gardens

Pretty sunset last night.
Had a good day.  I put in a new flower bed by the deck yesterday.  A little corner that receives almost zero sunlight during the day and can not be reached witht the lawn mower.  Perfect spot for a shade garden.
I dug out the existing sod installed a piece of edging.  I was able to use the sod for the old dog kennel area that had some bare spots.  Worked out well.

The old corner of the kennel I patched.  I will over seed it today.

I picked up 3 different hostas and a flat of impatiens.  I want to find a couple ferns as well.
I'm thinking some ostrich ferns for in the corner.  They will get about 4 ft. tall and will be a nice back drop.

I will put some mulch in here and shake some preen on the surface to keep out the weeds.
I also seen a little garden ornament that was a cast of a snail made from concrete and he had a brass shell I believe.  Some kind of metal anyway.  I thought that would be neat in a shade garden.
Other than that the only thing I did was cut the lawn, cook dinner and basically chill out.
Had another new cigar last night.  I've been looking forward to this one it was a
"Black Pearl".  Top shelf in the cigar world.
I enjoyed it under a full moon last night.

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