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Friday, June 25, 2010

Perspectives, Expectations and Humility

Good Morning my friends and followers.

I wanted to take a moment and write out a few things to keep the balancing act in my brain on an even keel.
I learned something the other day that has really stuck in my head and kept me thinking about the way I feel and how I behave.

I learned about anger.  It was very quick and to the point. 

Anger is a result of your expectations being compromised.
Think about it.
We all get mad.  Probably more than we would like to admit.  Everyday I get mad about something.
I can't help it.  I have been conditioned to think this way for 35 years now going on 36.
When something does not go my way I get mad.  Simple as that. 
Except now I know that.  I don't believe anymore that the cards are being stacked against me or someone is out to make my life miserable.  I realize my anger is just me being selfish.  
Who am I to think I am so important as to think someone or something is trying to keep me down.  
Take a moment and get to the root of it.  What was I expecting and why should I be angry that it didn't go that way?  More often than not it is just me being selfish.

It's time to put my life into perspective.  Where do I fit into the grand scheme of things.  Wherever I want.
That is the answer.  I'm so worried about trying to be someone else that I forgot to be myself.  
My little cousin Sara wrote the other day," Be yourself, everyone else is already taken".
The great American Dream was lost so very long ago.  That dream was to be free.  That dream was to be able to live and work and be happy without prejudice and persecution.  It was a simple dream.  
As with everything else the American Dream has become "Americanized".  "Jeff", you say, "Isn't that any oxymoron?  Isn't that a bit redundant?"   No not at all.   We have found a way to ruin such a simple thing.
The American dream has now become nothing more than a copycat charade.  Now everyone wants to be like everyone else.  Big house, fancy car, corporate job, credit cards or everyone thinks they deserve to be supported by everyone else because they are " American".   Guess what?  It's not working.
The American Dream lies dormant in our very own pocket and we just need to bring it out and hold it awhile.
Such a wonderful country has been infected by a disease worse than the dreaded communists and socialists.
The disease of you owe me.  I deserve it.  Why do we think we deserve so much for so little?
Just because I pay taxes that pay to send young men and women to die for freedoms here and abroad does not give me the right to deserve anything.  It gives me the right to be thankful.   
My perspectives on life are changing everyday.  I try to be thankful for what I have not for what I am about to get.  By keeping my life simple I can begin to reorganize and straighten the direction I am headed.

It truly is time to take a big piece of humble pie.  Humility is hard for me.  I have a big ego.  I admit it.  It gets smaller every day though and that is good.  
If I practice humility, keep my perspectives in line and re-adjust my expectations than I will begin to re-organize my life and  by doing that I start to become the person I should have been all along.

I leave you with one last thought.  When you pray to your higher power does it go something like this,
"God, please give me..."
I often do but am learning to change that.  I used to only pray when I needed something.  Enough said.
"God, Thank You...."

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