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Friday, July 30, 2010

I lost my dream. Have you seen it?

I woke up sad this morning.
I lost my dream.  The sad thing was I don't remember what it was about.  I just know it was a good one.  The kind of dream that keeps a smile on your face all day long.  A hopeful dream or a happy dream. 
I have one fleeting thought or possibly a memory of  this dream and it was that I said that I was going to do that tomorrow when I awoke.
Problem was the dogs needed to go potty and woke me up and I lost it!

I suppose it was meant to be.  I did find this pretty sunrise though.  That was later.  I went back to bed for awhile.  Not much is happening at 5 am other than a bunch of whiny, hungry dogs.

So today I will wander aimlessly around searching for my lost dream and wondering what it was about.
Perhaps it is behind the barn or in the woodshop.  Maybe hiding in the sweet corn in the corner of the garden.  It could be perched in the baby's bird feeder or tucked in a flower pot.  Might be stuck between two pages of the new novel I'm reading or lurking somewhere in the spice cupboard or under the jerky drying racks.  Sleeping in the BBQ grill or in the smoker?
Then again it may be in the duck boat or in the wagon attatched to the back of the lawn tractor.  It may be in the dog's swimming pool or hanging out with the chickens in their outside coop.
Wherever it may be I hope it is safe and waiting to find me again.
We shall see.  Enjoy!

If all else fails
and my search empties out.
Then I shall retreat into myself
For it is there, no doubt..

Waiting patiently
to spread it's wings
and taking flight
through my soul it shall sing.

Easing the aches
and brightening the way
warming the night
and calming the day

On it's feathers
the sun shall gleam
for it carries but one thing
and that is the dream.

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