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Sunday, August 1, 2010

How easy it is to forget!

Already it has slid from the top headlines.  No doubt making way for the Yankees new DH or Chelsea Clintons wedding because face it folks these events are extremely more important than the fact that people have died and others have gone bankrupt.  Sea life is dying and the waters in the Gulf of Mexico are being poisoned as I type. 
phone at the refinery.  The people who actually make big oil work.  When you take away their m
I know your feeling.  "What can I do ?''   Not much.  We have to have faith that our Government and the people at BP are doing the right thing. 
I do not support the boycott of BP.  I think of all the people who work for them that are in the same employment class like me.  Who "They" call middle class or blue collar.
All the people who derive their living from the oil BP collects.  From gas station attendants to the person who answers the oney you don't think they are gonna lay off the top execs do you?  Hell no!  It's the guy on the oil derrick who struggles valiantly everyday to support his wife and young family.  That is the guy who is gonna be hurt by your boycott.  Think about it.  There are no easy answers but you can do the right thing by helping to elect people that will vote to lay down tough restrictions in order to prevent such a catastrophe.  You know where I'm going with this so I won't beat it anymore.  Just do the right thing!  It makes a difference.
These pictures will be here to remind us , that as humans beings on a fragile planet, we have a great responsibility.  To all those who have suffered I lend you my prayers.

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