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Friday, August 20, 2010

Early Season Goose is almost here

We are about two weeks away from the opener of early goose season here in Michigan.
It's always a fun time.  Lots of work to shoot any geese though.  We are dealing with resident geese as the ones up north haven't began to migrate yet.  After the first day or so they get real smart.  You had better have your set up perfect.  There will be a lot of people out hunting them and they will get shot at from field to field.
However my goose partner, Ernie, and I have a secret weapon.  Most guys will hunt the fields that they feed in.  We set up in the water holes and mud puddles and wait for them to come back.  We use our Super Stealthy Duck Boat.  Yeah it works for geese to but duck boat just sounds better.
This a during construction shot last year.

The panels are simple PVC frame with green garden fencing ziptied to it.
Down the road there is a neighbor with a cattail swamp and I asked to cut some down.
Then I wove it into the fencing creating a panel.  I will attatch various forms of vegetation to the outside of the panels as well.  With two guys in the boat we look like a little island out there.

Another shot during construction.  The trick is to layer it so it has some dimension.  This is not the final look by the way.

The sides fold down for easy transport. 

We have a trolling motor on the back.
When the geese hit the water we just troll over to them and pick 'em up.
Looking at this picture you can see that if I were to sit down you woouldn't see anything but the top of my hat.  Also Ernie is on shore taking the picture.  I am usually in front weighting down the bow so that the water line is almost up to the vegetation.  I love the duck boat.  The great thing is it holds all the decoys and stuff we need to hunt with so we simply grab the boat and toss it in the water.
Can't wait.  Great time, Good friends and a bunch of goose jerky(God willing I can shoot them)


  1. Thanks anonymous! It was a lot of fun to build.
    I will be retrofitting possibly today so I will get some interior pics. Thanks for stopping by!


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