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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not sure what to title this post, so this will have to do!!!!!!

I picked a peck of peppers, oh wait, I only picked a few.  How much is a peck anyways.  If it's a lot than maybe we have been "pecking" each others cheeks with kisses all wrong.  Seriously, as if, I did harvest enough cayenne peppers to dry them out for future use.  I borrowed the neighbors dehydrator, thanks Michaelle, it took about 30 -40 hours to get it done but they are dry now.  I will chop some and some I will leave whole and vac pack them and store them in the cupboard.
Before                                                                          After

For dinner last night I used Cowgirls recipe for what she calls Bierocks.  Sort of like a Pasty in Michigan.
I made up the dough from scratch, browned burger, onions, garlic, added fresh cabbage simmered until soft.
Rolled out the dough, plopped down the filling(after cooling) and made little bundles or rocks.
Popped in the oven until golden brown with a double brushing of melted butter.  Go to Cowgirls blog to see the whole recipe in detail.  Link on the right side of this blog.  She has really great cooking ideas.  I think I was most excited about making a dough from scratch.  I have never done that before.  It opens up a whole new world of cooking adventures.  Sounds silly but I never was into baking or bread or anything in that field.
Guess what though?  I think I need a mixer.  LOL

I smothered mine with mushroom gravy and a side of long grain wild rice.  Yum Thanks Jeanne!!

Sunday Morning is here and as usual everyone is still sleeping and it's 9:03AM.
I went outside and it is breezy and remarkebly cool.  I snapped some pics of the garden and my morning glories which are in full swing right now.

This is my upper back porch.  It is covered and leads down to the main deck.
This is where I create grilling magic or just relax with a cup of Joe!  The lattice was originally just for screening.  At the top is also a roll down bamboo shade for those hot summer aftternoons because that is a western exposure.  There is also a ceiling fan with light to move the air around.  Or smoke depends on what I'm cooking.  Like the ribs I will be smoking for dinner tonight.  YUM!!

The view from the yard.  The hot tub sits just below the upper deck and when your in it you can rest your beverages or what nots up on the floor of the upper deck.

Here are some shots of the garden.  The harvest is in full swing however the garden has lost it's luscious look.
It's not nearly as beautiful as it was all summer.  Oh well.  I have already put up 40 quarts of tomato product.
Diced, stewed, whole tomatos as well as some salsa.

Archer has done a really good job of guarding the watermelon patch until this weekend.
He told me he was dozing in the sunshine the other day and when he woke up he was missing 3 watermelons.  I told him it was ok but next time no napping!  Little does he know that two are in my kitchen and Mr. jerry has the other one.  LOL.  Yes I am crazy.  But.....he is a great listener.

That's all Folks!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I enjoyed reading yours and will be back.

  2. Thank You Big Dude,
    I love checking out your place. I have relatives around Clinton Tenn. I have never been but it looks like a good place to retire.
    NO SNOW!!


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