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Sunday, August 22, 2010

More garden harvest pictures

I went out and picked even more peppers.  I picked a bunch of yellow and green bells, red jalapenos and chili peppers.
The chili peppers I put in the dehydrator, the bells are waiting on the counter to be eaten and given away.
The jalapenos I am saving until next week when I am off work to put them in the smoker and make chipoltes.

This is where the chilis went

This is what happened to half of the cayenne peppers.  The other half I vacuum packed and are in the cupboard next to my sausage and jerky supplies.  waiting to make hot stuff.

Ok that's enough posting for today.  I have 2 slabs of ribs smoking on the grill right now.  With that we will have sweet corn on the cob and fresh sliced tomatoes.  How's that for a summer meal!!

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