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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I am fat!

You can tell it's election time again because all the he said she said commercials are out and many of the e-mails I get have something to do with politics and government.
I just read one that struck me funny.  Seriously though I believe it 100 % but the last line is fabulously ridiculous.  Check it out:

After all these years I have been using spoons!!!
Who knew?
Well at least I know why I'm overweight.  Hah I mean fat!
I can't sugar coat it because I'll try to lick it off.
By the way I am addicted to ice cream and freeze pops!
Can't go more than two days without experiencing some sort of withdrawal.
There are some things I just find funny or maybe I just make them funny who knows.
My mind works in mysterious ways.  When are they gonna put spell check on this darn blog thing anyways.  I'm wasting a bunch of time on spelling words.  I could be dishing out a bowl of.....never mind.

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