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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wondering Why It Is So Humid?

Because of all the darn canning I have been doing!!!!! LOL
At times my house seems like a green house it is so humid in here(as I type I am boiling another pot of water for my next batch) I have the AC cranked up as well.
Boil, Boil, Chop, Chop, Peel, Peel, burn my finger, burn my toe, look out garden here we go!!
Ok that's a bit silly.  Who cares, it's my blog!!
I got out of work yesterday at noon and after 46 hours of work I could think of nothing better to do than come home and make salsa.  Just kidding.  Eating salsa would have been better!!
The garden is all but overwhelming me with it's payload this year and I am estatic over it.
I pulled 3 buckets of tomatos yesterday.

Blame the heat and humidity on me!!!!

I need a pressure cooker.  At a $ 100 bucks a pop it is unlikley to happen this year.

Le' Producto Fine
What better way to while away the time watching a pot boil(and they do boil if you watch them long enough)
Then to enjoy the company of a beautiful woman and cheese and crackers and a bottle of green apple reisling wine from Murielle Winery in Clearwater Florida Vineyards.

This wine is special to us.  We bought it in Florida on Siesta Key in the Gulf of Mexico.
There is a little wine botique there that specializes in local wines.

I will review this wine on the aged grapes site soon.  I have a couple others as well and some more cigars too.  Frankly I have more sites than time but I will get it done.

I do love spending time in the kitchen.  It's a comfortable place to be.
The dogs on the other hand think it's a great place to rest and wait for the inevitable thud on the floor which means (yep you guessed it) food has fallen.  They have become quite the little entrepenuers latley as well as half vegan.

Remmi has had enough and is doing his poor puppy thing, Daddy please take me outside to play ball!

Ok it's off to another batch of tomatos.  I am doing whole tomatos this morning so It will be a little less time consuming.  Then it's yard work!! Yippeee. (sarcastically speaking of course)

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