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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fast Food

I like fast food but I prefer it to slow down so I can shoot it!!

I did manage to harvest a mature whitetail doe on Saturday evening.  I took no pictures.  It's just a doe.
I like to eat venison and she just (I can be so lucky) happened to be made of venison.  So bang!! now I get to eat her!  My neighbor shot a doe Friday night and gave her to me so now I have two venisons.  :-)
After all the butchering, trimming fat and sinew, grinding and slicing I put about 60 lbs. into the freezer.
I will be eating venison tonight.  I ate venison on Friday night .  I will eat venison for lunch on Wednesday.
Did I mention I like venison?  I will make sausage sticks, summer sausage, trail bologna, jerky with these two venisons.  No that's not the proper way to say that but I like the way it sounds.  Perhaps if we are fortunate Kaitlin will get to harvest another deer during the youth hunt.  The 60 lbs of venison I put in the freezer cost me only .33 cents per lb.  It was $15 for one of the tags and I spent $5 on packaging materials.  Where else can you get meat that cheap?  Meat that has been processed at home and is free from the yucky stuff that the butcher guy would just grind right up.  So with that said I leave you with one final thought...........

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