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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Salutations

Hello and Good Morning!!!
It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in mid Michigan.
Yesterday was our last outing on the duck boat until regular season kicks in.
Our final tally was 11 geese.  We would've had more but didn't shoot well.
We were rained out around noon.  We sat in the rain for around two hours and finally called it.
We were supposed to have lunch on the boat and I had packed the food as well as the Coleman stove.
Ernie and Steve also brought goodies.  We had BBQ chips and Frito's, smoked salmon, venison sausage stuffed with pepper jack cheese, banana nut muffins, coffee and soda and I had prepared a pulled pork tenderloin with a honey, brown sugar, balsamic sauce.  I hollowed out some ciabbata squares and stuffed them full of the pork and sauce.  We ended up coming home and cooking here but it was still tasty.
The morning started out with a beautiful sunrise.

I thawed out all the goose breasts and sliced them up for jerky which will hit the smoker around noon today.

This is about half of them.  It is from all three of us so I wasn't worried about my possession limit.
I butterflied them and then sliced into jerky strips, laid them on plastic wrap and sprinkled with the cure/seasoning and then packed in plastic bags for a 20 hour rest.

This is ten lbs of goose strips.  Season one side then flip them and repeat.
I will smoke them today, should take about 4-5 hours depending on temperatures.
I like to smoke around 180 degrees or so. 
My next projects are going to be re-fabricating the duck boat (countless hours of sitting in it gave us some good ideas for changes)
Repairing ceiling in bathroom from leak upstairs, painting bath and peeling off wall paper border.
Possibly making the fireplace in the living room active instead of a useless imitation gas wood burner that doesn't do anything except keep my gas bill up in the clouds.  Seal up windows and all cracks in basement, cover windows and put weather seal around doors.  $ 500/month energy bills are killing us.
Need to find a solution or I'm gonna be bankrupt and living with OP.

Plus early doe season is coming, and regular season goose and archery deer and duck season, not to mention a youth season for deer.  Help pack the freezer once again and cut down on the grocery bills.


  1. Looks like a successful day of hunting - good thing you like goose - how are they smoked whole?

  2. Big Dude,
    I will lay the strips out on my smoker racks and smoke them for about 4-5 hours. Amazingly they tatse just like beef when smoked into jerky. Not many people would be able to tell the difference. I've never had it any other way. I suppose one of these days I should experiment.


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