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Friday, September 10, 2010

The furlough that haunted!!!

An appropriate title for a sub middle class outdoorsman who makes his living one week at a time.

I am truly sorry that I haven't visited with you in a week.  I am just trying to squeak by last week and this coming week.  I won't bore you with my monetary deficiencies.  Let's just say it's tiiiiiiight around here.

The goose hunting has been a little slow since I last posted.  been out a few time since but not a shot fired (in anger or in aiming).  So I have a whole lot of nothing which usually turns into some mindless rambling so buckle up.
Boring!!! I even bore the dogs sometimes.  I wouldn't call this a full fledged act of spooning but perhaps a spatula????

Sunrise on the goose field.  There doesn't have to be geese flying to have a successful hunt!!

Captain Ernie piloting the duck boat back to shore.

Triple Berry Shiraz anyone?

Look at his nuts!!!  (that he's eating)


Vietnamese Omelet????????

OK I'll end on that one.  SORRY!!!!

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