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Friday, October 1, 2010

Remmi's Birthday Party

Of Course I had a birthday party for my puppy!  He turned one year old on Monday.  In true fashion I celebrated it on Tuesday.  Cupcakes, ice cream, birthday hats and even some rockstar sunglasses.

He needed a bit of help with his glasses.

Gunner is lending a .....tongue I guess!

Cupcakes and ice cream.  He was in heaven.
Not only did he have a birthday but he graduated to big boy dog food!  No more puppy chow.
My puppy is growing up too fast.
We an do it again in December for Gunner's birthday party.  He will be 3.

Some would say I'm crazy but these two are my babies.  I'm happy making them happy.
Which is not too hard they are labs.  Not real picky.  That makes them great companions for me because they love me for who I am and really don't care if I'm a tad skewed.  In fact they rather prefer it because it's much more exciting then being normal.  Remmi told me he would climb Everest with me.  He doesn't think I'm silly.  Hmmmmm, I'm thinking !!!

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